How to connect two televisions ?

How to connect two televisions ?

If you want the TV in your house has increased, it is recommended to read this article.In it you will learn how to connect two televisions to a single receiver yourself.

What is important to know when connecting

This connection can be done in several ways, and it will depend on the model of the receiver.However, remember that watching different channels on two TV sets at the same time is not possible, and you can view only one channel on the two TVs.This can cause discomfort, especially if you have two TVs in the same room, because you will be able to switch channels just right next to the set receiver.But this problem is easily solved: you need to buy a remote control.And now proceed directly to the user manual.

Connection via RF cable

second TV connected to the receiver simply by using HF (high frequency) TV cable through the RF OUT output which is on the back cover of the device.You will need a regular cable TV with input and output connectors.One end is inserted into the receiver's output

RF OUT, connect the other to the TV antenna socket (it can be located on the rear panel of the TV).That's it: left to search TV channels (which you need to enter the menu on your TV settings).

Connection receiver with multiple TVs

new models of receivers are often not equipped with an RF modulator and RF OUT output.In order to connect multiple TVs to this receiver, you will need:

  • portable RF modulator;
  • cable type "tulipĀ» (RCA LF cable, this cable normally supplied with the device);
  • TV coaxial cable 75 Ohm required length;
  • F-connectors and F-plug input.

We modulator has its own power supply, and it needs one more point to connect to 230V.Actions to connect as follows: Connect the cable "tulip" to RCA-jack outputs on the back of the receiver and the other end to connect the RCA-input of the modulator.If your device does not have RCA outputs, you can use the cable type SCART-RCA.

Next, attach the TV cable to the RF OUT output (modulator on) using the F connector and screw the special plug 75ohm (available in most cases with the device) input (often labeled that way) on RF IN.The opposite end is connected to the IN connectors of the divider.With the help of the divider can divide the signal to multiple devices in the TV room, as this equipment is not a way out.It remains only to connect all the equipment to the power supply and make auto search TV channels (as in the first type of connection).

Connecting with RCA-type cables

This method is suitable for the owners of satellite equipment with support for multiple video outputs (HDMI and RCA).If a TV is connected the HDMI cable, you can use the RCA or SCART output for connecting a second.Just remember that in order to connect to the SCART connector, it is necessary to use an adapter SCART-RCA.Further, using the remote control, switch the input signal (AV or SOURCE) on the TV that you are connecting.

You may notice that the connection is much easier to implement earlier, because there is no need to purchase DX modulator.But in this connection there is a minus, and it's limited cable length - only 15 meters (as at greater length will disappear image and significantly deteriorate quality), as well as the availability of a long cable, as it may have to solder several.

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