How to choose a toaster ?

How to choose a toaster ?

Some people feel the need for a toaster in the kitchen exaggeration, as they say - you can fry bread and a pan.Maybe in some ways they are right, but the toasted bread fried without oil, and this is a plus, and you do not need to stand at the stove, moving his bread, all for you to make a toaster.How to choose this technique we describe in this article.

Which toaster

buy order not to be mistaken with the choice, will tell you what you should look for when choosing a toaster.First, let's say that the best toaster, an automatic toaster.Since it is the most practical, and requires minimum effort from you, for toasting.

toaster Features:

  • size.
  • functionality.
  • power.
  • modes.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Additional features.

dwell on the consideration of all the features in more detail.


That number depends on the size of toast, which you can cook at one time.Maximum large toaster allows you to simultaneously fry 4 slices of bread.In this arrangement a bread divisions may be different, the two

two-division line and one division of each other.Choose a more convenient form for you.If you live alone, it makes sense to buy a compact toast two slices of bread.


addition to conventional toasters, for domestic use, there are also conveyor toasters (used to prepare a large number of toasts in cafes and restaurants), toasters, grills.In addition to toasting in a toaster-grill can be fried buns, meat, fish, vegetables.However, carefully read all the modes toaster grill before buying it, for example, the presence function cooking burgers.The convenient thing is also a grill to heat buns, warm because they are much tastier.


That is the power of the toaster will depend on the cooking time toast.If you are not limited in time, you can not take a strong toaster.


Namely the presence of a toaster oven and a timer.The first allows you to set different modes of toasting bread, usually six of them, but sometimes more.The second sets the cooking time.In addition, it is important the presence of a button on the toaster, which allows you to stop the roasting, it will be indispensable if the selected mode fried toast faster than expected.A useful feature can also be heating mode of bread (or toast the cooled).

Removable drip tray

presence of a removable crumb tray will relieve you from the difficulties of cleaning up the toaster.If this tray is not, you will have to turn the toaster after cooking and shake the crumbs out of it, which is very inconvenient.

Additional features

These include various "gadgets" such as centering feature that clearly places a piece on the center, which allows the bread to fry the best possible way and never burn.

Another optional feature can act as a high rise pieces that allow you to upload in the toaster small slices of bread, and easily remove them after cooking.

In addition to these important characteristics is the material from which made the toaster, it is important for it to be heat resistant, that will protect you from the probability of getting burned when touching the toaster while it is running.Also pay attention to the stability of machinery and length of the cord.

And separately should stop at design.The truth behind the originality always have to pay extra, but who does not like a transparent toaster?In children, it can cause an indescribable joy, because they will be able to observe the transformation of bread.It is also a convenient and stylish attribute of your kitchen can be wall-mounted toaster.

Stamps for toasting

To amuse your loved ones, you can also purchase stamps for toast that will make toast with pictures.Their action is based on the extrusion of a pattern on a piece of bread, and because of the different densities of bread roasted in different shades.

In addition, how to choose a toaster, you should still know how to use them properly:

  • Do not place the toaster with a number of flammable items.
  • Do not cook or reheat in a toaster in the package.
  • not cover the toaster.
  • Clean only with lukewarm toaster while unplug it.
  • not wash toaster, avoid getting water in it.

Now you know how to choose a toaster.What is the best fit you can decide.Know toaster will fill your morning aroma of freshly roasted grain, and if you take a creative cooking toast, then another, and lift your spirits.