How to connect your home theater to a computer ?

How to connect your home theater to a computer ?

Computers and notebooks have long become part of our lives.Many have even forgotten that there is such a thing as TV.Wide screen computer allows you to view movies, cartoons and video not just on TV and on the computer.However, the dynamics of ordinary computer or laptop does not give a good quality sound.Therefore, if you want to enjoy full-length movies with good sound without getting up from the computer, you need to connect your home theater to a computer.Standard home theater consists of a dvd-player that connects to your PC or laptop, and loses any wheels.In addition, complete home theater: a subwoofer, five speakers and a good sound card with the connectors at both ends.

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to connect your laptop to your home theater, you need a power-broker, which connects the speaker to the computer audio card.This role plays a dvd-player.Simply plug into the sound card cable with mini-jack, into the slot called "out".Two "tulip" on the other end must be connected to the player, the

jack "in".Then you can connect the entire speaker system with a dvd-player.

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Then you can go to the sound card settings on your laptop or computer, and provide an audio equipment that you have connected six columns to reconfigure the sound card to the new sound environment.If this is not done, the computer still will not see your home theater and speakers themselves are terribly "fonit".After the above steps, you can start to connect dvd-player network.After the player is turned on, you need to specify it in the right channel audio output.You can start to enjoy the surround sound and clean.Make

stay comfortable

While listening to different music or watching movies, you can adjust the settings in the sound level of high, medium and low frequencies.If you are difficult to hear the voice in a song or a movie, or vice versa, if it is too loud and overshadows all other effects or music, you can adjust the equalizer manually.In addition, you can change some of the settings and of the dvd-player menu.To do this, you want to call using the remote control, the player menu, select "Audio Settings", and adjust the equalizer, depending on your preference.

It is very important that you understand how to properly connect your home theater, as if something would be wrong, home theater, or in general will not work with your computer, or the sound will always be lost, interrupted, working with strong noiseinterference.It is therefore important to do everything carefully and thoughtfully, step by step according to the instructions set out above.By following these guidelines, you can enjoy high-quality sound, without looking up from her computer screen.