How not to kiss passionately ?

How not to kiss passionately ?

Kissing love everything!To learn more about how to do it right, you can from the article How to kiss on the lips.However, not always a passionate French kissing delivering unearthly bliss.Not everyone likes to feel in the mouth a foreign language.Is it possible to kiss without language?And if so, how to kiss passionately not?Let's try to understand.

chaste kiss

The test your affection for a loved one can be expressed in simple innocent kisses.

Kiss innocence

lipped, elongated into a tube, touch the lips partner.Nestle for a moment and then move away.

Kiss angel

Tap closed, but relaxed lips mouth of his partner.Hold.Just pull your lips forward and a little harder hug.

Gentle breeze

Slightly Blow on the lips of a loved one.Now subtle touches kiss the upper lip - from one corner of his mouth to the other.Also, and kiss his lower lip.Blow again, to your breathing only slightly tickled favorite lips, and again cover them with gentle touches.

Flutter butterfly

It is not even one, but a f

lurry of kisses.Touch with closed or slightly parted lips, neck and shoulders of his counterpart.Osypte kisses his face: forehead, chin, eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips.Touch gently, subtly, like a butterfly touches wing.

Candid kissing

If chaste kisses you can express all the tenderness, the frank kisses make you feel how intimate your relationship.Candid kiss can also be gentle or passionate.


This mutual kiss.In this case, no kissing couple active and passive partner.You both are equally active.What should be a mutual kiss?Touch lips together.Please try again angel kiss.Now grab your lips lip partner.He did not have anything left to do, how to do the same with your upper lip.Start easy to suck the lower lip of his counterpart.Now Change.Let him kiss your lower lip, and you - its top.Such a kiss is very pleasant and intimate.It can develop into a real passionate kiss if you like.

Gentle passion

Slightly open the mouth and collect his lips lover lips.Slightly squeeze them and retract.Sucking lips, but do not try to open their language.If you really really want to use a language, then just slide it on the tip of the serried lips that kiss someone.

Mocking kiss

Touch lips to the corner of the mouth of his partner.Several times pull his lips, in turn enhancing and easing pressure on the corner of his mouth.Now gently pull your area and gently suck it (if you will!).Similarly, the kiss and the second favorite corner of the lips.

Games lovers

It is also quite frank mutual kiss.Alternately touch his lips lower and upper lips partner.Suck them gently biting, touching his tongue to his lips and corners of the mouth of a loved one.Let him do the same thing with your mouth.Now seize the initiative and starts kissing and teasing his counterpart.

So you can not kiss passionately.In general, techniques kisses without language very much.Use the most popular ways in which you now know.Experiment and enjoy kisses.Love and Kiss to your health!