How to connect your home theater to the TV?

How to connect your home theater to the TV?

Today, there are a huge number of the most diverse sets of home theater systems, so choose the most suitable model with the necessary features you will not be difficult.Almost all systems support surround sound DTS and Dolby Didital, have an AM / FM tuner, as well as the required number of speakers for listening to high-quality sound.Most modern systems may have a built-in tuner for satellite radio, USB-port or special connector for the audio player.

Components Home Theater

The system of any home theater system consists of an AV receiver that connects to the speakers and TV.VCRs, and Blue-Ray and DVD-players go further.Their you can buy separately, while they are universal and are fully compatible with most home theater systems.In order to connect your home theater to your TV, you will need a cable to connect the receiver to a TV and a surge protector.all components connected to the receiver.It provides power to speakers and controls equipment.Cable is selected, depending on the connections avai

lable on your home theater receiver.The cable can be a standard connector, RGB-connector, S-video input or HDMI.

Connecting Home Theater

beginning to connect the home theater to the TV, check the connectors on the rear panel and the system.Based on this, buy the appropriate cable and connect the yellow plug to the receiver OUT connector at one end and to the TV IN connector on the other end.Next, you need to connect the S-Video cable to the IN jack on the TV and to the same receiver OUT terminal.

Then, by inserting the green, blue and red connectors connect the RGB cable to the corresponding color terminals on the receiver and the TV OUT IN.The HDMI cable is connected to the IN jack on the TV and to the OUT jack on the receiver.Thus, if you have inputs and outputs and RGB, and HDMI, preferable to use the second option, since in this case the signal is transmitted at a higher quality and with less distortion.

Connecting speakers

For the final stage of work it is necessary to know how to connect the speakers to a home theater subwoofer.They come with the system in an amount of 5-9 pieces: 1 column - central, 2 - front and 2-4 - the rear.

Sometimes home theater equipped with wireless rear speakers.In this case, they receive a radio frequency signal from the receiver.It is very convenient because there is no need to pull the wires around the room.There are also wireless subwoofer, which further reduces the risk of tangled wires.

If you choose speakers with wires, be sure to check the package for the presence of all necessary components.Included with the speakers are absolutely necessary wires.As a rule, they have signed or colored plugs.Due to this, connect your home theater speakers to the subwoofer is very simple.It is only necessary to insert the plugs into the corresponding colors of the connectors or inscriptions.

worth mentioning that many home theater use only proprietary connectors for speakers.This means that in such a system to add additional or other column is not possible.But in some cases, can be used wire clamps on all speakers and the receiver.