How to choose a hair iron ?

How to choose a hair iron ?

hair iron - a device that was invented to ensure that a woman could do hair at home quickly and without the help of a stylist.But before you choose a hair iron, a woman must know that these devices are available with different coatings manufacturers straightening plates.In addition, there are professional and non-professional straightening irons, which cost varies, but as you know, a professional device has certain advantages over the non-professional counterparts.

Cover plates ironing

Today, the domestic market ironing offered in various price categories.Naturally, depending on the cost of the device, and its dependent specifications.First of all, it concerns the availability of additional nozzles on the ironing-stylers and cover plates, which are in direct contact with the hair.Therefore, the technical characteristics of this worth highlighting.It is not recommended to buy older models irons with metal plates, as they are not carefully to the hair and spoil their appearance.

Considering the ironing hair, how to choose the one best option, both in price and quality - the question arises by itself each potrebitelnits this device.It should buy a device with a ceramic, tourmaline, Teflon coating or a coating made from alloys of these materials.Manufacturers using these materials as a coating, taking care of the hair of their shoppers.Teflon or ceramic coating allows ironing temperature evenly distributed hair surface and wherein these plates slide better on hair.

If the coating on the plate Tourmaline ironing, it will ionize the hair, thus avoiding the occurrence of static electricity on the hair.Hair after using this ironing silky.If you have a Teflon coating prevents the build-up to the plate all kinds of cosmetic products used for hair styling.So, what kind of coverage is suitable for you personally use, you choose your own, choosing the store hair iron is.

professional or nonprofessional

Since manufacturers frequently indicate their irons, they are professional devices, you need to decide before you buy, which is a professional and non-professional hair iron and some iron is chosen from the two species.Professional iron is different in that it allows the user to customize the exact temperature.This, of course, have a positive effect on the outer hair form and they will never after using this device is not perepalennymi.Moreover, all the hair does not have a homogeneous structure, and therefore temperature, at which they will be processed, you need very different.

Pay attention to is the fact that a professional hair iron has a high heating rate.Lots of useful amenities offered in such devices, greatly simplifies the treatment of hair.When deciding which to choose the hair iron, you must first of all pay attention to the cost, not the label on the package, characterizing it as a professional device.This is due to the fact that in recent years there were many non-professional devices, which have the same functions as professional.