How to kiss teenagers ?

How to kiss teenagers ?

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How to kiss teenagers?

Kiss - a rush of tenderness and love, passion and gratitude.We kiss anyone at the moment, when we are overwhelmed with positive emotions, to share them.Mothers kiss their children from birth - is innocent, full of tenderness and love, kisses.Then the kids grow up, become adults and they are concerned about how to kiss teenagers.This guy or girl-teenager will never go to the parents on this issue.Most often information on how to kiss teenagers, trying to find in books, on the Internet or ask senior colleagues.

Looking for information

method first, and probably the most effective - to see how they kiss teenagers.Video on the Internet is accessible to all.Today, the Internet can find a great variety of all sorts of videos from the most detailed explanation of how to kiss teenagers.We will focus on some details of the intimate process.

  1. What to do and what is best not to try to do with the tongue and lips during a kiss
    • Many teenagers, in the h
      ope to carry out a French kiss, tongue thrust deeply into his partner's mouth.So it is better not to do.At first, the better to kiss without the use of language, and the rest will come with experience.
  2. What to do and what not to do with your hands during a kiss
    • During kiss your hands - it is an auxiliary element.If it's a kiss at the meeting, the hug is complementary to your intentions.And if in farewell, then it is better to stroke the neck or waist, so that the partner had a desire to meet again.If the relationship is not very close, it is not necessary to dismiss his hands.
  3. How to make so that your nose does not stop you from kissing
    • to the nose or prevented kiss, little enough to tilt the head with a kiss.
  4. Do I need to say something before, during and after the kiss
    • During a kiss to say, of course, is not possible, but if you try, but it will look at least funny.Before the kiss, we can say some nice thing to partner unconsciously switched from their thoughts in a positive way.Then smile and a happy face after such a kiss secured.
  5. it necessary to publish any sounds while kissing
    • kiss while not required to publish, some sounds.But after the kiss, you can publish a sweet groan as if tried something very tasty and tell compliment to someone with kissing.

You can also find a variety of textual information on the topic in books, magazines, on the Internet.However, this option has the disadvantage of lack of visibility.

Learning from practice

Another way out - to ask peers who do you like to teach you the art of kissing.Of course, it should be solved.It is not easy to admit a person that you like, what you do not know how to kiss.But, on the other hand, the person to whom you show sympathy and trust is a delicate matter, it will definitely be pleased to help you.And he probably will decide that once you turned to him for help, it certainly means that he (or she) - a professional and knows how to kiss properly.It is he (or she) is exactly flatter.

In any case, if you want to learn how to kiss, you're sure to learn!There's no hurry, because there is still a whole life full of new discoveries and great love.Good luck!