How to connect your home theater ?

How to connect your home theater ?

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How to connect a home theater?

When buying a home theater you can be faced with the problem of choosing which brand or manufacturer is to give preference to any packaging and choose to suit and price category, and quality sound and pictures.

Types of home theater

Home theaters can be divided into 2 types

  1. Teams, ie, which are equipped with a variety of parts.Such components as Hi-Fi and Hi-End components - quite expensive, but true connoisseurs of sound often give them preference in the formation of a home theater system.
  2. Ready, or "in a box" (Eng. "In one box"), it is about them and will be discussed in our article.This type of home acoustics very profitable, since its relatively low price the buyer gets the package, which does not take up much space, easy to install, and relatively easy to use.

"In one box" consists usually of:

  • DVD-player;
  • Acoustic set: 2 front speakers, two rear speakers, a subwoofer, a high-frequency speaker.

As an example, prefabr

icated home theater we tell about the Sony DAV-DZDZ555M model, price - 14,000 rubles, the system has such components as:

  • Great subwoofer, providing clear sound;.
  • theater system is suitable for any type of television;
  • Cinema is equipped with a memory function of songs and karaoke application;
  • unique, fully digital amplifier is a pure and perfect sound, and, as we know, the sound plays the most important role in the perception of the viewer must be a feeling of volume of sound.

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How to place speakers

Before you buy a home theater system, be sure to consider the place in the room you select for its installation.

addition to the harmonious arrangement of sound sources in the space of the room the important role played by the acoustic properties of the room.

There are several rules regarding the distribution of sound in a room with a home theater system:

  • recommended to be placed at an equal distance from all theater speakers, except the subwoofer, of course, which can be positioned anywhere in the room;
  • rear speakers are located behind the audience, at the height of the listener's head or just above.

How to connect a home theater

Apart from the question how to choose a home theater, stands another - how to connect your home theater?There are two variants of action - or connect to a TV or to a PC or laptop, we look at both.

First of all, we recall that in the main theater equipment includes:

  • audio and video receiver - the so-called receiver or device for receiving various signals, it is - the main part of the theater system;
  • speakers (speaker);
  • Blue-Ray and DVD-player can go as a complete and purchased separately, however, pay attention that they are suitable for any type of cinema.

to the TV

When connecting your home theater to the TV you will need a cable to connect the TV to the receiver and a surge protector.

  1. All components are connected with the main theater receiver, which in turn equips speakers powered and carried through all the components of management;
  2. First check the connectors on the rear panel of the receiver;
  3. yellow plug connect to the receiver connection cable connector at one end OUT and IN TV socket on the other.The same principle is to connect and other cables;
  4. important element is the proper connection of the speakers to the subwoofer.Typically, a set of speakers - 5-9 pieces.Sometimes a home theater equipped with wireless speakers, in which case the connection to the receiver carried by the signal, and you do not need a huge number of wires, in which you are simply confused.

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PC connection

Many today have written off television in the vestiges of the past and watch movies and listen to music only on your laptop or computer.However, standard speakers that are connected to your device does not give such a powerful effect perception of a movie or a musical composition, so the home theater system is often connected to a PC.

Options: speakers, subwoofer, dvd-player;dvd-player plays the role of an amplifier - a mediator, he joins the theater sound system with a sound card or a laptop computer.

  1. To adjust the sound go into its settings on your computer and specify how many speakers you have connected to effect a uniform distribution of sound in the room.
  2. then connect the DVD to the network: the player who opened the laptop screen, specify the correct audio output channel.If you do not set it, then your PC will not identify your home theater system, the speakers and the sound will be distorted.

When viewing in your home theater movies you can adjust the soundcard frequency level.The parameters dvd-audio player can also change the settings.

It is important that you understand how the connection is correct and the PC theater system according to our instructions, otherwise you will always have problems with the sound, which will bring significant discomfort when watching a movie or listening to audio files.

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