How to choose a bread maker ?

How to choose a bread maker ?

Good day, ladies and gentlemen!I am sure that if you are reading this article, you will, one way or another, interesting cooking.Because I myself love pokuharit a bit, but with the emergence of many gadgets that will not only facilitate the process, but also presented in it certain new features, the process becomes even more fun!

Today we talk about a wonderful thing - the bread maker.It is also sometimes referred to as "home bakery" Indeed, the functions in this unit are quite a few that are very good, and I'll tell you how to choose a good bread machine.In fact, in any case you will make a good choice, because the companies of household appliances simply not profitable to produce bad products on the market.However, for the understanding of this device, as well as to detect any - any pitfalls, it is recommended that you read this material.

What breadmaker

If you do not know what would be a new little thing you buy for the kitchen, this unit you just love it!At first sight, we can not often eat

bread or making cakes, but with the advent of this kitchen gadget, you just love to start something furnace.Moreover, the possibility to cook their own bread gives you a chance to make it tastier and healthier!

How to choose a bread machine: notes

Basic functions

Absolutely all the bread maker has in his forest as basic functions, that is, buying any oven, you can: choose the degree of crispy crust (in other words, to make the bread darker or lighter);kneading the dough of different consistencies that will help to make the dough for different products: from pizza to dumplings;and bake baguettes.

Moreover, almost all phones have the ability to bake more quickly, due to a special mode, which reduces the baking cycle clock, for example, from four to two.Bread in this mode will be more dense.

Also, it is convenient to use for baking finished cooking the dough, which is very useful in the manufacture of pizza, for example.

Additional features

With rising prices, respectively, there are many additional features of this truly wonderful unit.Among them:

  • manufacture of jam;
  • production of cakes;
  • baking program Borodino bread;
  • baking bread with additives;
  • program to rye bread;
  • baking cakes;
  • dietary bread baking;
  • baking bread from absolutely any meal.
  • program for baking flour milling another.

Of course, only you choose, and if you only need a basic mode of baking bread, you will approach the cheapest model.However, these functions may be useful, for example, diabetics.

Thus, the bread maker can meet many needs.And most importantly, enjoy the features bread machine it is very simple, so that even those who have never approached the cooking, can try yourself.It is always worth to start somewhere, right?

Protective functions

Naturally, like any other appliance, bread maker has some protective functions such as protection against power surges from children and away from heat.

interesting feature is protection against voltage surges: breadmaker myself remember when stopped and will continue to work, when it will be possible.

This mode is easy to use.If you need to release, say, a wall outlet.Bread will wait and continue to please you, as soon as you give it electricity again.

other options usually found in more expensive models, but, in fact, are not the primary when choosing a device.

Technical parameters

Weight, power, and size

Naturally, all the bread machine differ externally and internally, so if you need to, say, your mobile device has been - pay attention to the weight and so on.On average, the weight of the stoves from four to eight kilograms.Power from 450 to 860 watts.Accordingly, the higher the capacity, the lower the cooking time, but more than a waste of electricity.

itself appearance of the device, most often a plastic form, however, there are aluminum housing.But, it is in the expensive models.

Weight products

Various models also make a variety of products and weight from 500 grams to one and a half kilograms.Thus, even the largest family will be satisfied with a functional device.Note that the greater the weight of the finished product in the more, respectively, and the furnace itself.

baking form

Most likely, Bread rectangular shape for production.It is made can be made of aluminum, Teflon or stainless steel.

Clean mold should be a rubber or wooden spatula, because this part damage in the daily use easier.


Many bread machine have in their arsenal timer from 12 to 15 hours, so that fresh bread can be waiting for you in time for your arrival, for example, from work or, for example, in the morning.Some models also have a dispenser - a special tank for dried fruit or raisins themselves add these ingredients into a dough.


So, now you know how to choose a bread maker.Based on this material, you can give a couple - three tips to their loved ones, as well as going to the store with more confidence.

I am sure that this article will answer you, how to choose a bread maker.And you, in turn, will indulge yourself and your guests with delicious scones.Bon Appetit!