How to connect your home phone?

How to connect your home phone?

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How to connect your home phone?

Despite the fact that mobile phones are very popular today, landline phones also do not lose their relevance.There is a simple explanation - a stationary device has a number of unique advantages: it does not sit battery, and calls to other cities and countries is much cheaper.

In this article we will talk about how to connect your own home phone.

How to connect your home phone

To connect or disconnect a home phone, you can contact the experts or do you connect yourself.To do this, you must make a minimum of effort - choose your favorite model of the device and connect to the network.

Telephone socket and plug

to connect the stationary device is necessary to connect the telephone jack.Telephone socket is needed in order to translate the telephone cable wires that go from the PBX to the RJ-11 interface.RJ-11 - a socket of the new sample, in old houses stood socket type RTSHK-4.Wired phone connected to a wall socket with a fork.

telephone plug box is made of plastic.It has two parts - two halves, one of which four flat contact inserted.With the help of the screws they are joined by a telephone cord.

plug and socket perform only one function - they are necessary for the convenience of your phone connection and ease of operation.Communication is carried out by connecting two wires stretched to the apartment, and the cord coming from the telephone.

Connecting to the telephone socket

Consider the connection apparatus on the example of modern RJ-11.Home phone is connected directly to the phone jack via a cable on the end of which has an RJ-11 connectors.One connector is inserted into the end of the telephone system, the other - in jack telephone jack.Inside the outlet wire is wound on the screws that connect the terminals of the connector.

phone connection types

It is important to bear in mind that a simple two-wire telephone sets have a connection type that goes from the PBX.But there are phones with a four-type connection.In this case, the need to connect the phone the same two wires which represent the two central channel.Most often, these wires can be identified by color - a red and a green wire.If the phone is connected without the use of the telephone wall jack, you need to use these wires.It does not matter how the polarity of the wires are connected: The unit will work in any case.


landline phone Usually, set home phone can be in any room of the apartment or house.To do this, simply hold the phone cord to the desired location.The most convenient option sets are considered, which include landline and associated radio tubes The advantage is that it can be used to answer calls to any part of the apartment and move while talking.Recommended

know your home phone number as soon as it is connected to be able to tell his family and friends and start using the device.