How old can kiss?

Kiss - attribute adulthood.Those who have already kissed, believe that underwent some dedication, and feel older, wiser.Girls tend to share experiences with friends from their growing up, and be sure to tell about the first kiss.And here the question arises from the less fortunate friends, how many years you can kiss?

loved one kiss

asking this question people tend to forget that kiss will bring a pleasant feeling, but if people are close.That is to kiss a stranger would not be very nice, even if a person in your taste.Therefore, before proceeding to such close contact, it is necessary at least to talk, find out what the person in front of you.

Some teen communities where people are friendly and easy to communicate, decided to kiss each other when they met.Moreover, this method greeting - not necessarily only in the cheek.Often this is a kiss on the lips.Jerky, dry, but, nevertheless, it is quite intimate.We're not talking now about the fact that it is unhygienic or dissolute.We note only that

the members of the group, the convergence will be faster and easier.That is, they are close, because the kiss removes distance.

Does age value

Many remember the kiss in kindergarten or first grade.It is usually not considered a full-fledged experience.This is the age when children are still not overgrown complexes were not embarrassed to feel with the opposite sex.That is why in the beginning of growing up to kiss a girl is harder.That is rarely happen first kisses nine - eleven.But later, the girls begin to stare at my classmates, and the boys are trying to reinforce its importance in the team.

These fledgling teenagers and tear first kiss with a girl you like.They do not realize how many years you can kiss, they act impulsively.And this kiss can not be considered a mature and informed choice of action.He was still a little child, like the one from elementary school.But at the same time, it expresses the inner struggle and sensual range teenager.The boy already knows a lot, he has a huge store of information and no experience.Therefore, up to fourteen years in standard cases, it is not necessary to give deeper meaning to such things.

Many remember the first love that comes to people over the age of maturity.It was then, and it may be a kiss.And if the sense of covering, it does not matter how many years you can kiss, it just do not want to think.The kiss itself happens between those who are ready for it.After all, the willingness is not determined by age, it comes with experience, which can be unexpectedly large at very young lover.Some people do not feel the same maturity even surpassing the milestone age.