How to choose a watch?

How to choose a watch?

Watch for many became not only an accessory, but an important functional thing.After all, under the current pace of life must be constantly guided in time and look at the display of the phone is not always possible.In addition, the clock will be a great gift for both men and for women.If you go to any store hours, your eyes just run away from the abundance of what was presented.So how to choose a watch?

most acute problem is the choice of a wristwatch.It clocks pick up, as a rule, only on the basis of interior design.

How to choose a wristwatch

first thing you usually pay attention when choosing a clock - is the price.The price range for the clock is huge, from 200 rubles to tens of thousands.Price depends on the manufacturer, functionality and availability of precious metals and stones.What is the price range to choose, you decide.Remember that the miser pays twice, so do not choose the cheapest watch, no matter how beautiful they were not.

Clock Mechanism

Main hours - this mechanism.Depend

ing on the mechanism by which the working hours can be divided into several types.

Mechanical watches

When selecting such a clock is important to understand that they need to start regularly, otherwise they will not go.Also mechanical watches often occurs during the time offset of 20 seconds to 40 hours.In addition, mechanical movement more difficult and expensive to repair.Mechanical watches when used properly, are the most reliable.


Quartz clock work by battery power.They also may not only be familiar to us of the arrow, but a digital display.In a quartz watch much lower error precision, it is 20 -20 seconds per month.

plant quartz watches do not need.But occasionally have to change the worn out battery.Life expectancy of quartz is much less mechanical.

Electronic clock

This is actually the same quartz watch, a digital display.Digital clock almost never lag behind and are in no hurry.They completely unpretentious to weather conditions, and electronic clock start is not necessary.

Watch Case

From the watch depend on the appearance, appeal and reliability.From the body it depends how long you will last mechanism.How to select the clock depending on the body?

To start, you need to decide what you want to see the body.It can be hours of sports type - it is best to take a plastic housing, if the clock is necessary for the suit, it is best to take a metal housing.Do not think that plastic clocks are less reliable, for example, the Casio's watches are made from very durable patented plastic.The metal housing can be varied - brass, iron, steel.To date, the most reliable and stylish body is made of titanium alloys.

Quite often, your watch has a cover.It eventually erased and gives the watch an unpleasant appearance.Therefore it is better to prefer the coating by PVD technologies and IPG - they will last much longer.

Glass and dial

Dial can be of different colors and designs, the arrow keys or electronic numbers.Which of them prefer to - you decide.It is much more difficult question is how to choose a reliable clock with glass.

most often use three types of glass hours - plexiglass, mineral glass, artificial sapphire.The first option is the most unreliable - dial these hours quickly crack.Mineral glass is the most optimal price and quality.And if you are willing to pay good money to watch, it is best to choose a sapphire - it is impossible to leave a scratch, and it is difficult to break.


And the last thing to consider when choosing a watch - bracelet.It can be leather, steel.Selection bracelet much depends on the purpose for which the clock purchased, as well as housing and color of the dial.

How to choose a women's watch

shapes and sizes, as well as the design of women's watches are very diverse.Focus on your taste.Particular attention should be paid to the case - if a woman slender wrist, the watch with a large body completely will look.Conversely, if the wrist is large, you should not choose a small body.

bracelet can also be different.Some women like leather thongs, others prefer the iron bracelets, for example, applied gold leaf.

Also note the curved lines of hours.On the women's hand will be best to look smooth clock without sharp corners.

How to choose a men's watch

Most often men prefer classic watch with a round, square or rectangular enclosure.In addition, men's watches, usually painted in calm tones.

Sometimes men prefer very massive watch, if it allows the hand.However, if the watch weigh more than 100 grams, they can cause discomfort in the wrist.

design choice depends on the preferences of men.If he leads an active lifestyle, you can choose the sports electronic watch.For fans of classic clothing suitable hours in moderate tones with a leather or iron bracelet.