How to please a kiss ?

How to please a kiss ?

You have a new relationship, but just go for the handle is somehow out of place, it's time to move on to other caresses.First of all, it kisses.But how to kiss a man, so that he liked and wanted to kiss yet?Read below.


How to please kiss a new partner?The main thing in this case - do not be afraid to kiss and watch carefully what is like your beloved or chosen one, and that - no.

give some general advice for guys and girls:

  1. Take your time with a deep kiss.Please talk to your partner if he was ready to kiss you.Ask me about it optional, rather be careful.Begin with light strokes and simple kisses.Iron the partner's hands, face, head, shoulders.Easy to kiss him on the cheek, forehead, neck, hands.If he is not suspended and is going to meet you - then you can proceed to more intimate kisses.
  2. If you think that do not know how to kiss, we recommend you to read this article on our site.They are detailed and clearly explain what and how best to do.And now, a brief list of what shou
    ld not be done "wet" kissing, forced kissing and kissing in an uncomfortable and inappropriate situation, sluggish and bezemotsionalnye kisses, kisses after recently smoked cigarettes or drunk alcohol.
  3. Different people like different kisses.Kiss partner in various places and is determined by his reaction that he likes, and that - no.You can also use the language of kissing different body parts, but do not lick their partner.
  4. Before you go to a deep kiss, pause for a fraction of a second in the face of a partner.This will increase your mutual sexual attraction and make the kiss sensual and fabulous, especially if the same is your opinion on the partner.
  5. Begin gently kissing man.Let it be calm gentle touch of his lips.If the partner is responsible, you can afford more.Start kissing more aggressively and try to get language in the partner's mouth.If he does not resist, a gradual transition to a deep kiss, and now do not stop.There is the most stupid situation, when a person reaches a deep kiss, and after that, how there is a favorable situation, suddenly stops and leaves your tongue completely motionless.What to do next?Move in unison with the partner's language.Movement should be neither sluggish nor overly energetic.Imagine that you caress your partner's tongue language, his cheeks, teeth, palate - and then everything will turn out!
  6. If for some reason the partner pulls away, do not force it.Better too little step back and ask what was going on.With a kiss better be late than to hurry.
  7. At the end of the kiss hug partner, smile at him and say nice words.And perhaps you will follow-up with far-reaching plans!How do I know?

Kiss for

Man How to deliver a fun guy with a kiss?This is not difficult when you know well my boyfriend and his intimate habits.In other cases, it works by trial and error.

  • Almost all guys love "passionately" kissing or French kissing.Learn such a kiss in full and kiss your man to your health!At the same time the most erogenous zone in the mouth of men believe the palate.Try to work on it.

  • Use light kisses, moving from the man's forehead to his neck.Many may "make".
  • To increase the sexual tension partner during foreplay, you can kiss his crotch light teasing kisses.His excitement will grow enormously!
  • guys like kisses on the neck, ears, shoulders, back and inner thighs.
  • Guys like experiments.Do not make kissing in a boring routine.Alternate light kisses deep, short - with long, tantalizing - a pleasantly warm.

Kiss for girls

How to please kiss a girl?As mentioned earlier, many people, so many opinions.Girls also like different kisses.In addition, if a girl non-drinker and non-smokers, avoid kissing her after smoking or drinking alcohol.

  • With a kiss the girl show her tenderness and devotion.Sometimes a gentle kiss on the cheek or the handle can cause great emotional storm than deep kiss.
  • Do not push it.Oh, the girls exactly the kiss should be mutual.However, do not be too timid and fearful - themselves take the initiative to kiss her first!
  • deep kiss to be strong, it must understand that you kiss her, not she - you.You're a man, and she - the girl!
  • pleasant and exciting may be kissing in the ear, neck, chest, abdomen and inner thighs.Experiment!

Now you know how to give pleasure to kiss.Dare, practice, do not be afraid, and soon your kisses become a partner for the coveted award!