How to choose a sewing machine ?

How to choose a sewing machine ?

Sewing machine - the purchase is a serious and deliberate, so the choice of the machine must be approached with skill.Before sewing machines were very popular: it was easier for people to buy in the shop cloth, cut out the right thing and stitch on a home sewing machine.This is especially true of women rescued dense constitution, which was difficult to buy large things because of their absence in the market.Now it is gradually receding into the past, and all because of the fact that the stores provided a huge selection of bedding, men's and women's clothing and other accessories.Rare to find is now the man who would keep the fashion house was once the machine "Singer", but still there are people who are sewing process drags so far.It is also very much appreciated handmade goods and their value in the market is much higher than the factory.So, how to choose a sewing machine, and that it is necessary to know the aspiring seamstress in this matter?

Types of sewing machines

If you decide to choose a

sewing machine for home, then you need to know what types of cars there.Among the modern sewing machine isolated:

  1. Electromechanical sewing machines.To this species include the most simple in construction machines, have, as a rule, electric and manual control.Such a machine can usually perform up to 20 operations, and all adjustments are selected as a seamstress with a specific front wheel device.In such typewriters can work anyone, because management does not require special skills.
  2. Electronic sewing machines.These machines are equipped with a microprocessor, by means of which all operations are performed when sewing.They usually have an electronic control unit and a liquid crystal display (it shows the sewing mode, the type of fabric, the type of needle, stitch length, tip in the process).Such a machine much more expensive, as can sew back and forth and side to side, and perform a variety of decorative stitches, embroidery patterns, letters of the alphabet and numbers.In memory of the processor machine can be loaded and their own drawings.
  3. Sewing and embroidery machines electronic.They are usually equipped with a special embroidery unit and can perform up to 500 operations.The needle moves in such typewriters in different directions.On the machine you can buy special software and connect it to a computer, and some of these machines can be connected to the Internet to load additional embroidery sites.
  4. Overlock.These machines cut and process the crumbling edge of the fabric.This machine is very narrow specialization: one pass it can trim and neaten the edge.

basis of their own desires, you already can decide what kind of sewing machine to choose.

Specifications machines

When buying a sewing machine buyer needs to know which set of operations will be able to perform this or that model.So what are the technical details should be taken into account, buying "other garment"?

  • number of lines (can range from 5 to 100 species, with, what will be more, the easier it is to work on the machine, as it will allow you to adjust to any type of tissue);
  • loop (modern machines operate up to 10 kinds of loops and electronic loop able to remember, once made a seamstress and sewing these loops in the future as long as necessary);
  • the shuttle;
  • drive power (automatically detected);
  • pressure adjustment foot and thread tension;
  • sewing speed and the ability to sew in the opposite direction;
  • lifting / lowering of the needle;
  • automatic thread trimmer and needle threader;
  • top and an additional conveyor tissue;
  • Sewing Advisor (electronic system prompts);
  • table to increase the working surface;
  • quilting (technique podstezhki decorative products);
  • patchwork (sewing patchwork).

basic tips when choosing a sewing machine

Focusing on these figures, it is possible to choose the sewing machine, which will have you on the soul.But even if you know all the details of the structure of a sewing machine, you will be useful to our simple additional tips on how to choose the right sewing machine:

  1. When choosing a machine be sure to try it in action, find out what is included in its package.If you like to set your machine is little appliances, then you should immediately ask the seller, where to buy them.
  2. Before buying for yourself exactly decide what features you need, and choose a machine with the same set of operations rather than large, so as not to overpay for those opportunities that you do not need.
  3. Decide on the sewing machine manufacturer.Some companies are working on the market for more than 100 years (eg, Singer), some have appeared recently, but the build quality is usually the same for all producers.Cheap sewing machines producing companies such as Brother and the Jaguar, high class machines are firms Praff, Huqsvarna and Bernina.
  4. Learn how to be produced warranty sewing machine, what is the warranty period and which can be accessed when it will end.Be sure to ask the seller instructions for working with the machine in Russian.