How to choose an electric razor ?

How to choose an electric razor ?

Men shave, shave and shave are probably as much as the world will last.Because, as it did not like women to look at the light stubble handsome mans from movies, kissing is much more pleasant with clean-shaven man.Progress has gone far ahead of straight razors, and even razors, so many modern men prefer electric shavers.Not surprisingly, the question of how to choose an electric razor is so popular today.Let's try to answer it together.

How to choose a men's electric shavers

main criteria when choosing a shaver is its technical characteristics, ergonomics and appearance.And if the appearance and ergonomics will be able to determine any average person, based solely on your taste, the technical features is available to purchase.The main characteristics that are worth paying attention to are:

  • shaving system,
  • the number and mobility of the head,
  • the possibility of wet and dry shaving,
  • presence of the trimmer,
  • work on battery or mains.

talk more about each of them.

In the market there ar

e two types of shaving systems today: mesh and rotary.Grid shaving system cuts bristles vibrating blades separated from the metal mesh surface of the skin.Thus, hairs mesh captures and protects the skin from being damaged and the blade - cuts them.Such shaving system an excellent job with long bristles, and therefore are suitable for men who prefer not to shave more than once a week.In addition, smaller mesh shaving system injure the skin, so that men are more suitable with sensitive skin.

peculiarity of rotary shaving system is that stubble to shave round rotating blades arranged in the shaving head.Plus this system is that it copes with the bristles, regrown uneven and provides a smooth and close shave.

The quality and purity of the shaving is directly influenced by the number of shaving heads, their mobility and speed.It should be noted that the shaving performance increases with the number of shaving heads and increase their rotational velocity.

In addition, the shaving head can be floating and fixed.Shavers with a floating head shave stubble, even in the most difficult places, as the contours of the face, and then make shaving more clean and comfortable.

Recently, more and more manufacturers add in the possibility of new models of shavers wet shaving.In this case, they provide a more comfortable shave and easy instrument cleaning.However, if you are going to use the shaver only on the road, where the use of water is limited, features a dry shave will be enough.

holders beard and mustache trimmer will be important to have, so if you consider yourself to be such, is required to make sure it is available before the purchase.

Note whether the razor is powered by battery, mains or combine both methods.battery presence is important for travel lovers.

How to choose the right electric shaver yourself or as a gift to the beloved now you know.Besides all of the above, before purchasing pay attention to what additional features provided by the manufacturer.Sometimes, as such, the manufacturer claims the presence of cleaning systems, the availability of protection from overcharging the battery or display with a charge.Of course for advanced features will have to pay a little more expensive.

good razor - is the key not only to shave, but not damaged skin, so choose it wisely.Enjoy your shopping!