How to learn how to kiss ?

How to learn how to kiss ?

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How to learn how to kiss?

you so long been waiting for this moment, did not sleep at night and imagined how your lips will merge with the first kiss.And here, it's the same time, during this long-awaited first kiss.However, in practice it may not be so rosy.To this point he was one of the most vivid and memorable, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance.Learn how to learn how to kiss for the first time.

Types kisses

If you decide to learn how to kiss, the first thing to find out that there are several types of kisses.They differ in their intensity and depth.Kissing can be caressing, exciting and passionate.It is necessary to examine them in more detail.

  • caressing kiss.With this kiss a partner lip lips caressed the other.This weasel must be alternately combined with the usual kiss on the lips, which include a light touch to his lips tongue.
  • Exciting kisses.These kisses have deeper.Partners caress each other in circular movements of the tongue, and suck them
    and so on.Here you can give free rein to their imagination.
  • Passionate kisses.They do not need a detailed description.It all happens by itself, quick, fast, and maybe even a little rough.

Preparing for your first kiss

Let's look at how to learn how to kiss.One of the key moments in the process, is a mental attitude.The most important thing during the kiss did not hesitate, despite the fact that it is sometimes difficult to control.However, the first kiss with a partner, shyness and fear can also talk about the great excitement of love.For example, your partner may feel it immediately and help you relax.It is worth paying attention to the situation where the first kiss will occur.It is best to create around "romantic", turn off the lights, light a candle.If the first kiss will take place on the street, you should select a secluded "corner".Try to imagine your first kiss.Start to scroll the script as often as possible in his head.Of course, in reality, certain things will be different, but your imagination will help mentally prepare and experience less embarrassment.Being interested in learning how to kiss without a partner, many people can hear advice - learn to kiss on tomatoes.Of course, you can try such an option, but as you learn how to be gentle and pleasing your touch?Therefore, it would be better to practice kissing on your wrist.Imagine your loved one, try to relax and begin to touch the tongue or lips to her wrist.So you can understand how gentle or rough on the contrary your kisses.

first kiss

And now it is time for the first kiss.Relax, think of his "achievements" in training and do not forget about your breathing.We partner stale breath can immediately discourage kissing.Clearly, that is not always possible to have time to kiss brush her teeth, so at this moment come to the aid of chewing gum or mints.And your lips touched each other.At this point, do not freeze in one position.You can gently run your hand through his hair partner, pat his shoulder, to touch his ears or the back.Do not strain, as intense lips can alienate a partner or make him think that he gives you some inconvenience.Do not stop at a kiss form.For example, most men prefer "French" kiss: gentle biting the lips can give your partner even more pleasure.In order to learn the technique extremely popular "French" kiss, it will be useful to see what is a kiss.Find on the Internet all kinds of images and photos, which shows a detailed technique of the "French" kiss. "