How to connect the receiver Tricolor ?

How to connect the receiver Tricolor ?

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How to connect the receiver Tricolor?

If you can not connect a conventional cable television, people install satellite TV.One of the best companies providing this service, the company is the Tricolor.

However, to your TV showing satellite TV, you need a receiver.But not everyone knows how to properly connect the receiver from the company Tricolor and how to configure it.

Connecting receiver Tricolor

receiver connection can be divided into three options:

  • connection through an analog high-frequency connector.
  • Connect the analog low-frequency connectors.
  • connection via the other outputs.

All three options have their pros and cons.Consider each separately.

connection through an analog high-frequency connector

This is the easiest way to connect.For it will need only one antenna cable, which is inserted in the LNB OUT on the receiver and LNB IN on your TV.However, this type of connection is the worst option of all, because the image quality, imag

e and sound is very low, at the level of a conventional TV last generation.

After connection remains only to find the TV channels through the auto search.

Connect the analog low-frequency connectors

These jacks are three:

  • SCART-connector.Connected with a special SCART-cable, which is inserted into the correct slot in the receiver and the TV.The quality of the images will be slightly better than the high-frequency analog connector.
  • RCA-jack.Or we "tulips".This is the easiest and most affordable way to connect.It is only necessary to insert the tulips in a desired color connectors in the receiver and the TV.Tulips are divided into three signals - image, the left and right audio channel.This picture and sound on the TV will be more qualitative.In the TV settings, the input you want to select.
  • YPbPr-connector.These are the same tulips, but they are connected to the jacks with the «component videoout» inscription.These connectors are not always present on the receiver and the TV.But if they have, the quality of picture and sound will be higher than when connected via RCA-jack.In the TV settings and select the desired input is necessary.

data connectors benefit from the quality of the analog high-frequency connectors, but lose in high-quality connectors in the following section.

Connection through other high quality connectors

For high-quality connectors include:

  • Connector S-Video.To connect to this port requires S-Video cable that can be purchased at any hardware store.It is inserted into the correct slot in the receiver and the TV.Quality S-Video jack little better YPbPr-type connector, but the difference is very difficult to notice.Plus, this connector is that it is on any receiver in contrast to YPbPr-type connector.However, it transmits only the image, and use the other input for further transmission of high-quality sound.
  • SPDIF-out.Used to transmit high-quality audio to the home theater speakers or a TV.To connect using the optical SPDIF cable.Video is often transmitted on S-Video-cable, and audio - SPDIF-through cable.
  • HDMI-connector.The best to date way to transmit audio and video on the TV.It has the best quality of picture and sound transmission.To send using an HDMI cable that plugs in the right sockets on your TV and receiver.However, it is quite expensive cable.

After installation, you must set the TV receiver to receive video and audio signals correctly.

receiver Tricolor

Setting After connecting to a TV receiver by wire, you must insert a smart card into the receiver socket and plug it in.The first time you need to set up the receiver correctly:

  1. The TV changes to the correct input.
  2. The receiver menu, select the language and region in which we are.
  3. then the receiver will automatically start to search for TV channels Tricolor TV.It will take some time.After that it will be possible to watch TV channels.

During settings menu of the receiver is also possible to alter the list of TV channels at their discretion in certain groups.

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