How to choose an e-book ?

How to choose an e-book ?

The world does not stand still, constantly evolving in accordance with human needs, which, in turn, is steadily increasing.The pace of life is increasing and we need to accelerate along with it, fitted into your schedule more cases and trying to make rational use of every moment.Lovers of quiet leisure with a good book more rarely can afford his favorite pastime - reading time is running short, and every free minute I want to have the proper mood of the book at hand.To help wanting to constantly carry with them an entire library technology come again, this time offering to our attention electronic books (readers), which may become a regular reader of the satellites.

Deciding to get a pocket library, we inevitably ask the question, how to choose an e-book.At present, a proposal of this kind of products is large enough, and the choice of traditionally should pay attention to the list of characteristics on which you can select the desired.Let's examine these criteria in order to know how to choose th

e right e-book.


The first and perhaps the most important criterion when choosing an e-book is a type of display - in fact, precisely because of its contemplation, we are ready to pay the required amount.There are two main types of displays - the so-called electronic paper on the E-Ink technology and liquid crystal displays, operating on the principle of conventional computer monitors.The differences between these types of displays are fundamental.E-Ink technology simulates plain paper, that is, such a display is not lit from the inside.This technology has a number of recognized advantages - A display is no different from an ordinary printed text, the display does not flicker, which reduces the load on the eye;at the same time, however, such a book can be read only with an external light source, even more closer to its traditional book.Furthermore, for such displays typical low power, which allows the device to operate longer without recharging.By cons include the fragility of the technology of the display, a small pause when flipping pages, as well as monochrome.

eBooks with LCD display (LCD, TFT) has enhanced functionality.They are equipped with backlit, are colored and allow you to play media files.However, intense light will lead to eye fatigue, and increased power consumption shortens the battery life up to 3-12 hours (as opposed to books with display E-Ink, which can operate up to 5 days).When you select the type of display is to decide that you want to obtain: a full analogue of the book, or multifunctional multimedia device.


determine the type of the display to select a good e-book is to focus on selecting the right size and weight of the device.It depends on the expected frequency and the conditions of use of the device.Diagonal e-book is usually from five to ten inches - and it is an impressive difference.The large display makes it possible to browse the book in the usual format, but makes the device quite bulky - this book will be soon fixed home gadget than a traveling companion.In a much more convenient to have a book with a diagonal of five to seven inches.It is compact, but it does not affect its ability to display text - except turning the pages have more often.Neutral option is diagonal from seven to nine inches - in a pocket does not fit, but in a bag or folder it will go without problems.


volume device most important for the books to be used also for playback of multimedia files.The internal memory is usually sufficient for 200-500 download books.If you have the need to download media files, you can extend the volume using the memory cards of various formats in the average volume of up to 16 GB.


Usually an e-book is equipped with only a few navigation keys for ease of use various menu items and page turning.Sometimes these devices are equipped as standard alphabetic keyboard, but in most cases it is redundant.In addition, the screens of some books are touch - on the one hand, it makes it easier to navigate, on the other, the screen is heavily soiled


Supported book formats are one of the most important selection criteria - for most books it formats TXT, RTF, HTML, FB2, which is usually sufficient.Some books also support DOC formats, DJVU, EPUB, TCR, PRC and PDF.Among the most common image formats for e-books is JPEG.Many books also support audio format MP3, which should please fans of reading accompanied by music and audiobooks fans.Most of these books have a standard audio jack for headphones.

Here are collected the general criteria, on the basis of which you can choose an inexpensive e-book and stay at one of the top models.Remember that a conscious choice of any technology should be based on real needs and perceived options for its further use.