How to kiss properly ?

How to kiss properly ?

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How should kiss right?

order to kiss, do not need to be very experienced and knowledgeable in matters of love.This process is elementary, but because it will be able to master any newcomer.Our article will help you with this.

kissing technique

Just note that there are two main types of kisses: Classic Kiss and French.The second is somewhat more complicated and requires some skill, but after a couple of "practical training" you certainly will succeed.

Before we talk about how to properly kiss, remind about the hygiene.Kiss will be much more pleasant and desirable, if it is not accompanied by bad breath.So before the kiss:

  • Brush your teeth (if, of course, such a possibility), or at least eat a mint candy, chew gum.
  • Avoid eating spicy or smoked foods, spices, fish, garlic or onions - all of this is extremely unpleasant smell and bad taste at least, are sure to feel and your partner.

Classic Kiss

He is a gentle touch of his lips (without penetration into t

he language of the partner's mouth).

  1. little mouth slightly open.
  2. Gently touch his lips to her lips favorite (favorite).
  3. alternately grab the upper lip, the lower lip and hold your partner her in a kiss.You can change the tilt of the head, the intensity of the embrace, stroking the body parallel to the favorite.Nothing prevents you to alternate between kissing lips kissing the neck and face.
  4. can a couple of times even lightly bite his lip partner.Just do not overdo it, so as not to hurt - her lips very easily injured.
  5. This guy can carefully keep the girl, for example, one hand on the waist, and the other - by the neck, face, neck, shoulders.The girl can put your hands on the waist of her lover on his shoulders or neck entwine them.

French Kiss

Now let's talk about how to properly kiss at the French kiss.Such a kiss is more intimate.That is why it is better to start after your partner with full reciprocity and willingly answered the classic kiss.

If the partner does not express the delight of the French kiss, you feel even a slight resistance, then it is better to restrict the customary kiss.Perhaps the favorite / favorite is not yet ready for such a weasel, or they just do not like this kind of reception.

  1. Touch lips partner.The lips should be slightly parted.
  2. easy pushing language in the place where merge lips favorite (favorite), however slightly open his / her mouth.
  3. Promote language further tap their partner's language, as it were, play with it.Do not hurry!Do everything very gently and gradually.At times, you can also just bite your tongue, lips of a loved one.
  4. Alternate usual kiss, which we have described above, with the French.Or just "technique with the language" can completely surrender.
  5. Remember that in this kiss is very important to control the amount of saliva.Its surplus will be extremely unpleasant for the partner and the most uncomfortable for a kiss.
  6. As in the previous case, you will be accompanied by lip kissing partner's body caresses, gentle touches to his face, neck, shoulders, more carefully and more strong arms.

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