How to connect a TV Sony?

How to connect a TV Sony?

Many gamers have a very powerful computer to run the game at maximum graphics settings.However, usually a small monitor is very difficult to enjoy all the delights of HD-resolution and maximum detail.It was then that an idea to connect the computer to a widescreen TV with a large screen.But not everyone knows how to do it correctly.Special complexity typically connect to a TV Sony brand.

consider how to connect a Sony TV to the computer correctly and what settings you need to change at the same time on the computer.

How to connect your computer to a TV Sony

Connect a laptop or PC to a Sony TV There are three simple ways

  • With a VGA cable;
  • With cable DVI, like a standard monitor.However, the image transmission quality can leave much to be desired;
  • Using an HDMI cable.This option is considered the easiest and best to transfer the image to the maximum HD-quality transmission and great sound if you do not use a separate column;
  • In the absence of the ports on your computer, laptop or TV, you ca
    n use hybrid cables with different connectors.

You can choose any option, however, it is always recommended to choose the third option because of the picture quality on your TV.After all, to the TV image was excellent, you need to make the screen resolution on your computer anymore.A new very expensive HD-TVs are capable of displaying a picture in 4K resolution.With this amount of data can handle only an HDMI cable.

decision possible connection problems

If you connect your computer or laptop to the TV and the screen does not appear, it is likely that there were some problems.

possible, after connecting the TV must be switched to the desired channel, which is assigned to the computer.This can be done via the settings of the TV.

computer does not automatically switch the image to the TV.In this case, you must go to program your video card and switch manually.It is also recommended that you install the latest drivers for a video card.In addition, you can do so on the TV image duplicated image on the laptop screen or TV screen was a continuation of the laptop screen.All this is done also through the video card settings.

If the computer does not see the TV in the Device Manager, and does not recognize it, you might have a defective cable, or on a laptop or computer is not installed the correct driver.Please try a different cable, if that does not work, then reinstall the drivers for a video card and processor.

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