Blender .Which is better?

Blender .Which is better?

Every day women have a lot of domestic trouble, which require significant investment of time, effort and energy.But modern technology does not stand still: in the market of home appliances and electronics regularly appear new items designed to facilitate the fulfillment of domestic duties.This washing machines and vacuum cleaners, and food processors and blenders.

What is Blender?

can say with certainty that the blender - very handy and useful small household appliances.Similar to him on the functional features are a blender and a food processor.But they differ, primarily size.If a food processor, and has additional features, you should know that it is also much more blender, and for storage in the kitchen is not always a place.Blender is a very compact, takes up little space and is very quick and easy to clean.

main functions blender

choosing what is best to buy a blender, you should see the list of functions that it performs.It is worth remembering that the blender is intended for processing

small quantities of food.

First of all, with the help of a blender is easy to make a puree any vegetables and fruits as cooked and raw.It will be very useful to mothers who injected lure small children.Also blender used to prepare a variety of drinks, whipping cream and protein for baking, and if it has a removable nozzle-beater, it is useful for beating liquid and semi-liquid dough.Another blender can chop ice.It is also possible to use a blender to produce small quantities of minced meat (this is added in small glass kit removable blade).

Types blenders

defined in what is best to choose a blender, it is necessary to consider what they are.In our country, there are two types of blenders - stationary and submersible.In Europe, such a thing as a stationary blender no, there it is called Shaker, which is most often used for making various kinds of cocktails and protein whipping baking.For the convenience of today began to combine two types of blender, providing a combined model.

Immersion blender

choosing immersion blender (which is better and more convenient to use on a daily basis), you should be familiar with how it works.Submersible or hand blender is a rather long handle, which ends with a knife to grind food.Choosing immersion blender, you should pay attention to its components, ie, a complete set.Well, if in the set will go a lid for the knife, which will secure its storage, as well as removable attachments, such as the whisk for whipping.It is very useful hostesses who love to cook food from the batter or whipping cream.Also, the immersion blender handy for chopping onions, carrots, croutons.

cons of using a hand blender may include the following: a blender you must keep in your hand all the time by clicking on the button, and it is inconvenient to prepare different kinds of cocktails.

If, after reading enough information about Blender, you're still undecided about which the immersion blender is better, then it will be good to come back to the nearest supermarket and see all blenders closer.There you can touch them and to understand how such blender is convenient and compact.

Stationary blender

Stationary blender bowl is attached to the base.At the bottom of the bowl are knives that pulverized food.This type of blender is better to buy for the frequent servings of mashed potatoes and cooking, puree soup, whisking cocktails and cooking the batter.Some brands even blenders can chop ice.

To decide which stationary blender is better, it is necessary to calculate all the pros and cons of such models.Stationary blender is good because it does not need to hold in their hands, it works without human assistance.It is also useful in the preparation of cocktails, as the blender bowl has a spout for easy dispensing.Cons of using a stationary blender may be its size - it is somewhat longer immersion and requires more storage space, and it is ill-suited for crushing fruits and vegetables.

Combined blender

This is probably the most versatile type of blender as combines all the advantages of a submersible and stationary.But it is necessary to know that the bowl of a blender combination is much less than in a stationary, so prepare large portions of cocktails will be impossible.

as determined by the manufacturer?

modern market offers a huge number of blenders from different manufacturers.So often difficult to decide on which company best blender.Blenders brands such as Tefal, Moulinex, Philips will cost a bit more expensive, but their purchase is justified by the experience of the manufacturer and the time spent on the world market.This provides assurance that the device will serve longer.When buying a cheaper model may be faced with the problem of low-quality materials, which make up the blender, as well as failure to comply with the warranty.