How to put a hickey ?

How to put a hickey ?

hickey - a bruise on the skin formed as a result of very strong kiss.Make it easy, however, given that this will come down, "mark" not earlier than in a week, and the attitude of society towards it is not the most friendly, it is still good to think, to put it or not.

How to put hickey: User

In principle, you can make the hickey anywhere on the body, but is best suited area with the most delicate and thin skin.For example, you can put a hickey on his neck, one of the most vulnerable places of the body, or on the inner surface of the arm or thigh.

  1. Touch lips to the desired location and vberite mouth a small area of ​​the skin, as it were, creating a vacuum.
  2. This should be done without the involvement of the teeth, or bruising except you leave still wound.
  3. Loosen the "capture" of the skin and re-suck - you'll need about 30 seconds, such manipulations in order to achieve the desired effect.

Do not expect to see a characteristic mark immediately - it will appear after approximately 10 minute

s.With the passage of time will change the color of a bruise and lighter until the bruise will not disappear completely.

However, before you put a hickey, think about the fact that such spots on the skin look very unattractive.And we are not talking about some serious skin damage, and the attitude to the hickey in society.

Drinking aspirated

Such marks people perceive in different ways:

  • Someone thinks that it is clear evidence of passion, a burning sexual desire of the partner, who flooded many senses, that he was not able to control the intensity of their caresses.
  • Other aspirated perceived as a kind of expression of possessive feelings for your partner.Like, just put (a) bruise in a prominent place, so wants to show others that the woman / man has a soul mate.

And the vast majority of those who assess the bruises from kissing entirely positive men.And here at the fair sex such "decoration" is considered provocative and vulgar, because for centuries to demonstrate their intimate lady of victories was considered indecent.If aspirated a lot, the woman at all perceived by others as a "whore."This fact should be taken into account before awarding partner passionately in the open areas of the body.

If the stain has already betrayed shone in plain view, then you can help refer to the article How to get rid of Suction.