As the guy to find a guy ?

As the guy to find a guy ?

guys with gay often suffer from loneliness.Firstly, gays are not very many, and secondly, most of them behave as straight, not to become social outcasts.That is why there is a question about how the guy to find a guy.The situation is further complicated by the fact that the approach to the pretty young man and ask for his phone number is not easy, and sometimes dangerous.Thus, for example, can be confused with gay straight people and learn about a lot of "new", and this is in the best case.After all, some guys may beat so deem offensive situation.However, there are several ways to safely explore.

As the guy to find a guy in your environment?

First of all, one should pay attention to your surroundings.Among friends and acquaintances can be a young man homosexual.It is necessary to sit down and analyze their actions, behavior, interests and so on.Based on these data, it is possible to draw conclusions and to calculate gay.That's just not worth it to come to him and say that he had discovered, and

offer to meet.In this case, the reaction may be mixed.It is better to ask a friend to help to fix something in the house, and then act on the situation.Also it is able to confirm or deny his suspicions.


order not to waste time figuring out who of your friends is gay, you can go the other way.The easiest way is to sign up to a dating site and view the profiles of users.For example, when filling at these resources there is an item called "sexual preference."Of course, many do not fill it, but there are also those who are not afraid to speak openly about their sexual orientation.On these sites there is a search for the specified criteria;thanks to him, will be able to find a lot of young people with gay.Subsequently will only need to choose the kind of guy who liked best.

This method dating is very popular because you can safely write a letter to the guy, not afraid that he osyplet insults in response.After all, these resources people come to look for their soul mate, so you can quickly make contact, without hiding its true intentions.Moreover, the resource user does not feel psychological discomfort, so the relations are developing quite rapidly.

gay clubs

Modern society is warm enough to include representatives of the gay.For this reason, in the big cities there are gay clubs, where to find the guy could be anyone.In such places go only gay or bisexual, so it will be easy enough to get acquainted with the man of her dreams.Moreover, the atmosphere in these institutions has to get acquainted and flirt.

can, for example, to come to you like a guy and invited him to dance.Surely, he would not refuse.After the incendiary dance is to drink a cocktail and establish a relaxed conversation.If a person is like as a companion, you can exchange phone numbers and arrange a meeting.And if you're lucky, you will be able to leave the party hand in hand with new boyfriend.

Swing partying

often on the Internet, you can stumble upon the announcement of the swing evenings at safe houses and saunas, which invited people homosexual.It makes sense to go to them and get to know a young man.You may be able to find a partner for a long-term relationship.However, most of these parties is visited by those who just want sex without commitment.For this reason, it is not necessary to hope that after a night of love, blue-eyed hunk call back.Yet in life, there are exceptions, and when all resources have been exhausted, it is possible to go on like a party.If you can not find the guy, at least the evening is not lost in vain, and you can have fun.