How do you know about the change ?

How do you know about the change ?

Until recently, your happy marriage nothing clouded, but there were clouds on the horizon, and in your soul crept suspicion: what if your partner is cheating on you?How do you know about the change of the wife or husband?Let's look together.

Treason wife

  • Limitation of personal space.If the wife is allowed before you calmly take her phone, get into its accounts in social networks, browse mail, but now it will all be banned.The spouse becomes secretive, scattered.She will be doing and the secrets to which it does not want you to dedicate.It will be carried out with you much less time.
  • wife will pay special attention to their appearance.She will often visit a beauty salon, carefully take care of themselves, do manicures and pedicures, acquire new clothes and beautiful lingerie.Your compliments about appearance woman disregard - after all this is done not for you.
  • How do you know about the betrayal of his wife?Your spouse may otherwise behave in bed.Either would be a cold, or, conversely, the e
    xcessively passionate.The wife may start to take care of you too - it will do so in order to atone for treason.
  • Sometimes, on the contrary, the wife will be indifferent to you.It will avoid kisses, hugs, caresses.Wife may ignore your calls, messages of love, although in the past it would have pleased these manifestations of love.In short, pay attention to any sudden change in the behavior and habits of your better half.


husband How do you know her husband's infidelity?Behavior change the men and women in many ways similar, so read the first part of the article and try to use these recommendations to my man.There are other features, which you can learn about male infidelity.

  • frequent delays at work.Your husband was often to take overtime, to go to meetings or even business trips.However, the money has not increased in the family, on the other hand, spending has increased - in fact it is necessary to entertain a lover, to give gifts to her.
  • husband distanced himself from you, sexual intercourse was significantly less.His sexual energy husband throws in another bed.
  • you find signs of another woman: the traces of lipstick, perfume, traces of passionate kisses, love sms.Be careful, and signs of infidelity does not elude you.

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