How to kiss a girl ?

How to kiss a girl ?

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How to kiss a girl?

you met a nice girl, and your relationship has gone far enough for the first kiss?If you do it the first time, then, most importantly, do not be afraid to choose the right moment and kiss the girl.And in this article, you look at some tips on how to kiss a girl, how to choose the right moment to set the mood, as well as how to make a memorable kiss.

Fresh Breath easier to understand

First of all, note that it is very important to monitor the freshness of your breath, as it is unlikely your girl would be nice to feel the flavor of garlic or other products.Moreover, such a kiss can affect on your relationship.In order not to be trapped, before a date is best to brush your teeth and rinse them with a special liquid, which maintains a fresh breath.

On a walk with the girl better not drink soft drinks, choose water, but also for fresh breath, you can take advantage of a variety of mints or gum.To make sure that you breathing all right, you can b

ring a hand to her mouth and exhale, and then evaluate the smell.Along the way, we recommend also to read our article How to kiss a girl for the first time.

create the right mood

If you're a little poflirtuete a woman, it will help to create a mood.You can also make a compliment about her dress or appearance.When the girl when communicating with you or pushes you playfully teases, then she wants you to it touched.In order not to embarrass the girl, just take her by the hand: it will help her to relax a bit and think about what you are unobtrusive.

However, you can decide on a bold move, for example, to clasp her waist, with a compliment: "You are so beautiful" or "I really like you!".Such actions and flirt with your part to help your girl to be liberated and behave more freely: perhaps it is the same as you already dreaming of a kiss.But most importantly, do not try to grab her ass or chest - it's too disrespectful to the girl that you're just starting to build a relationship.

How to choose the right moment

Choosing the right moment for a kiss will greatly simplify your task.Under the appropriate moment, we mean, for example, end dates, that is when you start to say goodbye, or such a moment comes after watching the film.All these points are often combined so that they become a little intimate, moreover, you are in such cases remains only two.

Understand that this is the very moment you will intuition.It helps in such cases (when you were alone), just ask: "Now I'd like to kiss you.Do you mind? "Such questions you just show respect to a girl, and give her to understand that worried about her feelings.When that moment came, kiss Woman gently, but not too long.

On the intricacies of kissing

now look at a few fine points.

  • When you brought his face close to hers, it would mean that the time has come for a kiss.Closing her eyes, kiss her.For the first time it will be enough only lightly touch her lips with his lips, and best kiss without language.
  • come nearer to her face better, and head bent slightly to one side, otherwise you risk to face, nose to nose, and a kiss will not work.Although this time may be quite fun and can even better positioned for a Woman to you - most importantly, to humorous she was all right.
  • Kiss her slowly, if she wants to continue to kiss more passionately and deeply, she will give you to understand it.
  • To make unforgettable kiss can bring to bear arms.For example, gently put his hand on her face, and the other hand to hug her waist.
  • to your kiss was repeated, be the first time a very gentle and kind to his girlfriend.
  • If you are afraid to breathe through kissing because that held their breath (amazing but true that very many people forget to breathe), you can go to the gentle kiss of the eyes or cheeks.

That's all you have overcome his embarrassment and excitement, kissing the girl.The next time it will be much easier and without such excitement.

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