How to attract a woman ?

As you know, between men and women at all times, there was a secret relationship.Women are always attracted to exciting men and vice versa.But not everyone knows the formula for this success, some whole life working on it, and to no avail, and some with young are very popular.Let's try to understand the features that attracts women the stronger sex, and how to achieve stunning success from them.

Individual men

Often we hear that expression, that all men are the same, but why, then, each of us chooses his fights and it is for it to end.It's simple: because every man has its own personality and flavor.But in spite of this, not everyone knows how to attract women with this.

Many men have resorted to the mass of all sorts of ways of attracting women.Everyone wants to be the first and only.But there are some unwritten rules by which to attract women to become a lot easier.

What should be the man

Each of us met in my life a man who just somehow magically attracts others.He is always in the spotli

ght, and beside him there is always someone there.And, if not strange, every man wants to become one.

We will share with you the secret of the fact that a man should do and what it should be, to always be the center of attention, and easily generate interest of any woman, even the most inaccessible.

First of all, it should be:

  • neat (women love the order and a certain regularity);
  • smart (elementary, it is necessary to talk about the woman except the weather);
  • humorous (without this in any way, the humor always helped as when meeting with a woman, and in a relationship, a real man will be able to translate even the most serious and tense situation into a joke);
  • little intriguer (woman interesting to those who at least something, but not telling, there is always the interest and curiosity to know what the affair);
  • generous (not a secret that the weak half of humanity loves gifts);
  • caring (in each of us sits the little girl who requires a tremulous self-care);
  • attentive (time shown attention will always be appreciated);
  • confidence (hesitant man will never be able to impress and win the coveted woman).

This is only the most basic criteria, which must be leveled man.In addition, there are also tricks resorted to by men in order to win his chosen.

How to attract the attention of women

What is it that is the secret of those men who be it some sixth sense are able to attract women, captivate them from the first minute, at a glance.

Such a man just stands out among the others, it is always, regardless of the situation and the environment, should look good.Brush up not only before a date, but every day at any time of the day.It must be different naturalness and ease, courage, determination, a sense of risk, reliability.To the woman at the sight of such a man is not just melted away, and felt secure under his strong wing.

Such a man would never dare to offend a woman, not only when it is in its interest, and, in general, as a whole, whatever the situation.He could always find a way out of any impasse and protect his woman from the problems.

smell of men

Nor is no secret that women are very sensitive to smells.Therefore, they will be able to experience the real scent of men at any perfume.But there are, of course, and other smells that attract women, they also play an important role.The most common assistants in this case are the smells of rosemary, sandalwood, bergamot, which today is used absolutely everything perfume company.Such odors emphasize virility and elegance.With them feel macho any representative of a strong half.

Now you know how to attract a woman's attention that it needs to do and how to behave.Follow our advice and you will be sure to come upon success.You'll find that the only ones that have been looking for, and to win her heart once and for all.Never be afraid of obstacles and always be yourself, only then you will succeed.