How to connect a TV via HDMI?

How to connect a TV via HDMI?

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How to connect a TV via HDMI?

Since then, as there was a video transmission technology and high-definition audio data, it is entered into our life everywhere.Today, watching the TV movie high resolution via the HDMI cable connected to a computer or other digital media, nobody will be surprised.However, this technology is not yet used by all.There are people who do not know how to use it and what can be connected to a TV via an HDMI cable.

therefore below will be discussed in detail how to connect a TV with an HDMI to other digital device, but the first sort out the HDMI-cable types.

How to select HDMI-cable to connect

Currently HDMI-cables can be divided conditionally on expensive and cheap.Although, in fact, the production of an expensive or a cheap cable does not differ qualitatively almost nothing.Therefore, to connect the HDMI cable to the TV, select this feature is not necessary.

Consider five types of HDMI-cable:

  1. Standard HDMI absolutely universal for all
    kinds of devices, and is always tested on the transfer of hd-quality data.
  2. Standard HDMI Ethernet in addition to video and high quality audio content also provides two-way data transmission over the Internet.This function works only if both connected devices support this feature cable.
  3. Automotive HDMI are used mainly to transfer data between the onboard computer of the car and any other digital media.This cable is tested by the manufacturer in a very harsh environment, which makes it resistant to vibration, heat, cold and other unpleasant things at car operation.
  4. High HDMI speed has been designed for 3d, 4k and Deep Color transmission quality.As the volume of data in this format is too large, it needed a cable capable of transmitting it as quickly as possible.
  5. High Speed ​​HDMI with Ethernet is the fastest developed cable that transmits video and audio at the highest quality.This cable is very expensive and can transmit data via the Internet in both directions at a high speed.

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How to connect an HDMI cable from the TV to the computer

Connecting a computer to a TV by HDMI-cable will not be in our working time.It is enough to connect the cable through HDMI-connector, both devaysa and enjoy movies and games on the big screen in HD-quality.

However, if your computer or your TV does not have an entry for HDMI-cable, you can purchase a hybrid cable in which one end is HDMI plug, and the other - the DVI connector.

Also, if your TV has an input for "tulips", you should also find a hybrid cable for connection.

all modern widescreen televisions do not require additional drivers to see the picture on the big screen.However, the computer will have to set up a connection.To do this, you must have the latest drivers for a video card, with which you can switch the image from the monitor to the TV.

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How to connect to the TV console with a cable HDMI

Many people play consoles on the big screen TV's, because it's convenient.To connect to a TV set-top box, you can use different cables, but provide the best quality HDMI cable.

To connect the console, you need a TV that supports 1080p quality.The cable is simply connected to the corresponding inputs on the console and the TV.Usually after that the TV automatically determines the prefix.In an extreme case, you can see the settings on the website of the TV or set-top box manufacturer.

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Connecting to other devices using an HDMI cable to the TV

to the TV can be connected via the HDMI cable a huge number of devices and devices.For this only requires a valid HDMI-input on the device or a hybrid cable.

According to this method, you can connect to your TV:

  • Mobile phone with the necessary input or via hybrid cable.
  • modem or router to the Internet and television.
  • portable hard disk that has movies.
  • players and other similar devices.
  • boxes for television from the Internet or from your ISP.
  • Android OS devices.
  • Laptops, Ultrabooks, Chromebook, netbooks, and other kinds of computers.

You can also use a variety of converters HDMI, it is easy to find in the hardware store.They usually have one side HDMI input, on the other hand - usb-entry.the driver may be required for some devices.