How to kiss a guy?

How to kiss a guy?

Girls, do not be afraid to kiss the guy, it's more fun than scary!Do not hide your feelings if you want it, then do is exactly like the guy.Especially if you are a young couple, he will appreciate your initiative.But do not show it on the first date.Let a little wait - then he will want to meet again.

How to kiss a Man first

Do not let too much to the guy on the first date, and after the first kiss.If you're going to ignore this advice, it is not the correct view might get from your partner.Units do not like to kiss, but most guys just love to do this fun thing!To show their initiative is also the case if the guy is extremely shy.Be sure it is not experiencing as much as you.Remember this.Each of the first kiss is afraid to make a mistake.

If a guy is trying to stay with you one on one, it is a clear sign that he wants to be closer to you and kiss.He will try to get you to a noisy party in a secluded place for a kiss.If you really like it, then just relax and do not be afraid.If a guy i

s brave and invited you to walk, you should not worry about the development of further events of your relationship.

guy liked to kiss, no need to rush.You just need to slowly raise your eyes and look to translate directly into his eyes.Slowly, I turn my face to his face.Look at his reaction.If the guy does not like movement, do not go to him with a kiss.Take a hint - Pridvin'e to it a little closer, as though making it clear: I'm waiting for your kiss.But when he turned to meet you, kiss him quickly, and then you can change your mind and with fear.

If you are still young and do not know how long kiss, in the article "How to properly kiss a guy?"You will find a detailed description of the first kiss.

If a guy is always trying to hug you, take the hand, but it does not kiss, not scary.He's just waiting for a kiss from you, because they do not know your reaction in that case he will make the first attempt to kiss.No need to think too long before the kiss.Think about what you like, what he looks like, how he smelled, how do you like to be near him.

You need to make sure that the guy on a date not too nervous.This feeling is contagious and can the two of you just bring to mind.Tensions in date can destroy everything before you begin a relationship.

But too strong, too, need not be.Do not forget that you're a girl, and girls - vulnerable, gentle, humble creatures.If the two of you still new to this business, you need to relax.No need to worry and be pulled out of the embrace.Have fun and enjoy the kiss.Otherwise, the guy might decide that you hate and stop all their attempts to get a little closer.

During a kiss can take the initiative and a certain determination, changing the tempo kiss.Decisiveness like boys.

If you dared to kiss the guy, then assess the situation: it is desirable that it was not crowded.Many do not like kissing in public, especially the first time.Kiss - this is a very intimate moment, which does not require that it be put on display.