How to attract a man ?

How to attract a man ?

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How to attract a man?

Love in a woman's life plays an important role - it is uplifting, joy and positive charges, and gives "wings".For this reason, the fair sex dream to find her.However, to attract into your life the perfect man is not easy: you need to be on their way to work, speech, behavior, and mannerisms.

desired manner for men: appearance

Polls in various countries have shown that men are attracted to women in the same psychological and physiological features.

Perfect face

should always make-up, which must match the time of day before leaving the house - it will emphasize the beauty of your face.So, in the afternoon to do a light and natural makeup, using shadows and lipstick in pastel shades.Evening image should be brighter.Move the eyes black eyeliner, use dark shadows and bright lipstick.Emphasize cheekbones blush.

Perfect hair

Men like beautiful, shiny and healthy hair.Therefore, carefully follow them - take care on a daily basis, using masks

, conditioners and special sprays.Sami hair you can dissolve or make beautiful hairstyles that accentuate your neck line and will give you a lot of sexuality.

Manicured hands

men are not averse to appreciation and interest for a woman to kiss when meeting or parting her hand.And it is important to take care of a beautiful manicure.Do not make too long nails, many men are annoying.It is also important that your skin was moist and soft, this will help you special creams and masks.

Beautiful body

Men always pay attention to the figure of a woman.It must not necessarily correspond to the model standards and be 90-60-90.The main thing that your body was taut, without unnecessary kilograms, and the skin - elastic.


A woman should always start with a pleasant aroma.So before you leave home, be sure to take advantage of the spirits.Also do not forget to regularly take a shower and use the perfumed body cream.


beautiful gait is able to attract the attention of many men, so it is important to pay careful attention to her.Walk, holding his head and back straight.The very gait should look natural, but not vulgar.Also, develop the habit to sit correctly.Doing this requires slowly and carefully.Sit always be right, confident and slightly inclining his head toward the man.And to add a spectacular, can the legs together with feet forward to the side of the leg of a chair.

Beautiful clothes

It is known that men love with their eyes, so you need to approach carefully to what you are going to wear.To attract a man you will be beautiful dresses, elegant suits and stylish everyday sets.It is very important that the clothes you've selected all of your figure emphasized advantages and disadvantages carefully concealed, then you're in it to look perfect.

behavior, speech and mannerisms

Remember that you can help to attract a man sincerity and naturalness in behavior.Also, work with speech.It should be smooth and captivating.Do not speak too loudly and heavily gesticulating

Of course, we should not forget about flirting as it is it can help attract the desired man in your life.Remember that flirting - it's a game.It is therefore necessary to tease, flirt with a man, to attract his attention accidental contact, shy glances and so on.Thus, you can call to his interest and will remain in his memory for a long time.

important trait that is valued by men - the ability to listen.Men love when they listen, so be sure to take it to your review.And to make the man even more impressive, during a conversation with him, tilt your head slightly to one side, and collect the hair to one side with a view to a little bare neck.

Also do not forget about such as how empathy.We should not only listen to a man, but also to demonstrate understanding, expressing sympathy for his care, and so on.Also, during conversations with him do not forget to show your wit and humor, of course, as appropriate.

errors in dealing with men

There are some things that men do not like women.Knowing them, you can avoid many of the difficulties in communicating with men:

  • Do not start a conversation with the charges.They are abhorrent to every man.It is better to first praise it, and then as delicately as possible hint on his offense.
  • not cry on the man's eyes.They can not stand women's tears, in fact, after that, they dramatically change the representation of a woman for the worse.
  • not create situations that make a man feel shame, otherwise you will be doomed to loneliness.
  • not distract a man for nothing, when it's busy.Wait until it is free, and then you can ask him anything you want.
  • Do not ask a man full of obedience and do not criticize it.As soon as you start to do it, he will lose interest in you and begin to act indifferently.

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