How to buy a phone ?

How to buy a phone ?

Of all the technologically sophisticated devices most popular and in demand, in our time, it is a mobile phone.

many approaches to their choice thoroughly: examine the need for performance and optimum cost.But it also happens that the purchase is made without any justification, just because your phone just like it.We recommend that you not do so.

Four rules how to buy phone

Rule one - choice.

determine what is best to buy the phone, pick up the corresponding phone models.To do this, use a search engine such as "Yandex Market", or any other online platform, offering the possibility of phone search parameters.Be sure to read the reviews of experts, user reviews and discussion forums.

Also, communicating with their friends, are curious, what kind of model of phone they use.Ask about the advantages and disadvantages: How long does the battery is what the audibility as easy to use menus and other

sure to consider your favorite phone in specialized stores or sections of shops..Ask your dealer to

tell you about a particular model.Imagine how you'll use it: how easy is it removed the key lock;Whether comfortable navigation buttons;screen quality and the materials from which the phone is assembled.Any of the sellers are interested, first of all, in sales, not to advise, inform and seek only the best characteristics of the phone.Do not be lazy to ask sellers in different outlets - thus collect more accurate information about the device.

second rule - the cost

phone price depends not only on the number of functions embedded in it, and build quality, but also on the brand.Many brands make a big enough margin on devices due to popularity of his name.But with the same characteristics can pick up the phone and cheaper.Of course, there is nothing stopping to buy a used / have a prestigious brand in the rich set.But then the questions arise from the warranty service, serviceability of the device, with its "clean" history.Next we will look at how to buy a new phone.

Rule the third - the place of purchase

acquire a new phone with the hands - a lottery.In one case, a metropolitan ordered from another phone in the US.He brought and sold at a good price.But less than a week, as the device will not operate correctly.It turned out it was overdue battery.Find the businessman was only through the law enforcement agencies.Now ask, and you need it?So, better to focus on the legal sale schemes.

  • most reliable option of purchase - buy a large mall or salon cellular operator.There you are obliged to submit the documents for the goods and branded warranty and check its performance.True, and the price will be higher here.
  • Another option - to buy a mobile phone via the Internet.It is more suitable: lower cost, provides service at the right time for you.However, the online store brings not just the device for the display and sell only to a particular model.Therefore, be sure to check before ordering a favorite device in connection compartment.When you select a seller on the internet give preference to the one that has a fixed point of sale in the city.

Rule Four - check

Regardless of where decided to buy a mobile phone, you need to check its technical condition, packaging and documentation:

  • Each device has a unique number - the IMEI - assigned at the factory.He appears on the screen after 5 characters will type: * # 06 #.Check the number on the box with the IMEI and battery power.
  • Phone Accessories - charger, cables, headphones, etc. -. Must coincide with the list of instructions.
  • It is advisable to phone description was in Russian and not fulfilled copying and quality printing method.This is a sign of licensed phone.
  • also important to mark the passage of the certification unit in the country where it is sold.PCT - Russia, STB - Belarus.
  • Unlike phones sold in the mall, in the mobile phone stores can be sold machines are designed to work only with a specific mobile operator.SIM-card competitors to work in this phone will not.Typically, these phones are offered as part of the shares.
  • assess the integrity of the case and the details offered by the bundle, check the operation of the phone.To do this, your SIM-card in the slot.If the SIM-card is not yet available, the seller may provide a special, screening.Next, turn on the device and try to work the main menu options: notebook, set of numbers, the player and camera work.
  • Ask the seller guarantee period, the device return period in the event of fault detection (from 3 to 14 days) whether a refund is possible if disappointed in the purchase.

accept all the conditions, check the price.If you buy a machine on the market, the seller can make a discount, especially when it will announce the place where they saw the same phone, but cheaper.

When making a purchase notice on the correct markings in the warranty card.It must contain the date of sale, stamp and signature of the seller.Be sure to ask for a receipt.Check it said the amount and date.