How to kiss?

How to kiss?

you ever thought that kissing could have been avoided?Always wondered who invented them, people smart enough to kiss.Until now residents of some islands do not kiss at all.Even scary to think that we could lose this pleasant and, incidentally, a useful interaction with your loved one.Kiss helps a person to express feelings and emotions to your partner, to find happiness in union with the beloved.Everyone once dreamed and waited for the first kiss.But what if I do not know how to kiss?For you, this is not a problem if you are reading this article.Because here you will find information on how to kiss.

kissing correctly: types of kisses

Before understanding how to learn how to kiss, look at what are the kisses.

variety of types of kisses may surprise: tremulous, Elementary, vacuum kiss, pinch, and many others.We will focus on the basic to understand the technology.Most people are willing to learn the beautiful French kiss.Let's start it off.

French kiss: how to kiss with tongue

  1. Preparation.To get started on the Internet, you can see the pictures how to kiss in French.Caring for fresh breath - an important moment to kiss.Before the visit, exclude from food onion, garlic and cabbage.It happens that people constantly suffer from halitosis.They may wish to consult a dentist as dental and gum disease can be a cause of this disease.And then to be examined by other doctors as the reason may lie in the lung disease, gastrointestinal tract, ENT organs and the endocrine system.Smoking and diet can also cause bad breath.If you are a smoker, carry a candy or gum.
  2. Seconds to kiss.When you understand what is about to happen kiss, lick her lips.It is essential that your lips were wet attractive in appearance and soft, wet feels.For the girls, I note that most of the guys do not particularly like to kiss when a girl lipstick or gloss.When preparing for a date think about it, use hygienic lipstick.Well, if you girls are going on a date at a cafe or a restaurant, then just do not Tint lips after eating.
  3. at the start.Let a man passionately embrace a woman's waist.A woman can run fingers through his hair and gently hug the neck.If your hands are cold, the neck is better not to touch, or kiss can break.His head tilted to the right 90% of the kissing.Tilt the head to the left of one of the partners can cause a clash noses as the second with great probability it will tilt in the same direction.
  4. preview kiss.When approaching your lips, close your eyes and slightly open mouth.Let your lips connect.Slightly Depart.The distance between your lips should be no more than 3 cm. Do not pause immediately stretch the lips partner.
  5. language.Now softly and gently push your tongue in your mouth favorite.The tips of your tongues have to find each other and gently slide over each other.Next "output" of the language must already be more than the first.Now your tongues may not caress each other tips, and a wider part.The game language will be similar to mutual licking like languages ​​rub against each other.If you are afraid of this particular moment to languages, look at the photos, how to kiss with tongue.
  6. Proximity.When you are with a partner become closer, you can dream up with the actions of the language.Spend tongue over his lips partner, examine the mouth favorite.During the French kiss can even suck human language
  7. nice to finish a French kiss, slowly remove your language partner of the mouth, lips Kiss only.Then gently and slowly tilt your head and look with a smile on your partner.

What do experts in the art of kissing on how to kiss with tongue?And they say the following: Do not put your tongue deep into my mouth partner.This aggression can push him away and even be physically unpleasant.And do not forget about the video and the pictures, which shows how to kiss in French.

How to kiss on the lips without language

Some people do not share the view of the French about kissing and argue that the most sensual and tender kiss takes place with the right lip movements without language.

to kiss without language must be relaxed lips.Solid tight lips will give pleasure to nobody.Think of the moments of preparation, such as fresh breath, no lipstick, moist lips.Move closer to each other, touching his lips to the lips of a loved one.Close your eyes and gently bow her lips one or the other partner's lip.You can gently suck on them, it will be more passionate.Do not pull the lips too much, otherwise they will be very intense.By the way, it will be the first time to kiss properly.It is not necessary from the very first time to be active language.Start kissing without language.And if the partner starts to kiss passionately, and you like it, then simply repeat his motion.He did not realize that you kiss for the first time in my life.

free advise: how to kiss

  1. most important piece of advice: be natural!Not learn from movies or pictures, how to kiss.If during the kiss you think, how to kiss, it does not take pleasure neither you nor your partner.Surrender to the senses, live in the moment, and you'll get the most unusual kiss!
  2. If you experience severe anxiety before the first kiss, then work out on anything.This may be the palm of your hand or bitten tomato.Such training will help you reduce the level of anxiety.
  3. Most people prefer to use a wet kiss, but that does not mean that you have to let a lot of saliva.If your kiss dragged on, do not hesitate to swallow the saliva accumulated.You even will be able to once again look into the eyes sexy partner and smile at each other.
  4. Listen to each other.During a kiss will not talk ... Therefore, strive to capture non-verbal signals of a loved one.If he pushes you harder, breathing often or stroking your skin, probably pleased him.And if he suddenly became sluggish, inactive, think.It may be necessary to change something in their actions?

Learning how to kiss a snap.Practice often fantasize, talk about these issues with your loved ones.Kissing is so beautiful!What would we do without this exciting merger lips!