How to impress a guy?

tactics, how to impress the man, the woman developed from the most ancient times.Of course, changing the century, traditions, tastes, but the basic techniques have not changed, and those who possess them successfully, will not be able to complain about the lack of attention on the part of the male half.

flirting Art

Flirt - this is a very exciting game, which, unfortunately, the thing of the past.In our time, flirting has become almost a prelude to intimate relationships, and meanwhile, original meaning of the word - a promise, but without a guarantee of performance.

skillful flirt - a great way to show how to make an impression on the guy.It is the ability to demonstrate their sympathy to stay at this inaccessible and mysterious, to awaken the genuine interest.

good old "shooting" eyes - a very powerful tool!After all, men are also flattered by the interest on the part of women as well as women by men.So do not deny yourself the pleasure of flirting, mysterious smile and a languid look at th

e guy from beneath lowered lashes.However, flirting - is first of all, tact and sense of proportion is a little overdone, and can seem vulgar.There is also a small women's secrets, knowing that you do not give the guy a chance.

  • not pyalsya him.You do not want to rub a hole in it?Couples interested looks and cute smile will suffice.
  • rolls his eyes and slightly open mouth, too, not worth it.Leave these trivial and poorly performing tricks for beginners actresses.But the cunning shining eyes, sparkling humor and a mutual friend to introduce you to a friend, work wonders.
  • Do not show its advantages with the help of explicit orders, men are much more interesting that awakens their imagination.The skirt with a slit sexy mini and half-breasts are interested in more than a frank neckline.


Just like that, come and talk to him.Believe me, today's young men, even though they do not want to admit it, a very shy and timid, and take the first step can not always.So Throw all your stupid fear and spoke to him first.

But, nothing to talk about?Yes, about anything!For example, the weather, why not.Only the answer to your question, do not forget to listen carefully.Girl, which she was not charming, but employment is likely to not be interested in your chosen.

Try to determine the range of his interests.At the representative of a strong half of humanity, to whom you have paid attention, it is likely to have a favorite hobby.So we must learn from what the guy is thrilled.Cars, guns, appliances, billiards, football and hockey - a common boyish fun that interest every self-respecting man.But it is possible, he is interested in cooking, loves to knit socks or collecting dolls.Show a sincere interest in the story of the interlocutor, a good listener always makes a good impression, and men just love to talk about themselves.

Praise him!Although it is assumed that only women like ears, believe me, the men hear the compliments no less pleasant.But do not forget about the sense of action, otherwise you can be alerted and scare your interlocutor.

Whether in the form of

There's a great saying: a second chance to make a first impression does not happen.And because your appearance should always be flawless.This does not mean that you have to constantly walk in evening dress and make-up causing.But you should always look well-groomed and beautiful.Believe me, even if you have a unique inner world, a generous spirit and high intelligence, you can hardly be interested in a decent man, walking around with disheveled hair and a dirty "mourning border" under the nails.