How do I install a printer?

How do I install a printer?

Everyone today has a computer, thanks to which we work, we learn, rest.It is also an excellent complement to our personal computer is a printer.If you have a printer, you can at any time print the documents you need, really very convenient.In this article, we will tell you how to install the printer on your computer, what software to use, install.

At first, we shall understand that such a printer, for what it is.Printer - a special peripheral device which translates the text from the electronic type on a physical medium, without printing plate used.Printing is implemented by small circulations.Now often people use the multifunction device (MFP) - in this unit combines all the features we know from the printer, scanner and copier.It's really convenient and efficient, now you need not to run in the "Copy centers".

regard to the design of the printer, it is with such main parts as: the cartridge and printhead.The cartridge holds a toner or ink, and the printhead is to actually apply to text material

(paper or photopaper).

Setting up the printer without a disc

First, we will discuss how to install printer without disc.If you have lost or accidentally do not have a special drive to install the software, do not be discouraged, and follow our instructions:

  • First turn on the computer, wait until your operating loaded.
  • So, you have to connect the cable to your computer, connect the printer.
  • After that, go to your "Control Panel" and find the "Devices and Printers", then choose the printer installation.
  • Choose in the next paragraph - a local printer, click "Next" in the window that opens, choose a company for your printer, then his name, thanks to which will be accessed to the printer.
  • Everything is ready, now you can print out the information you need.

Install all necessary software to the printer

Now we'll show you how to install the printer on the 7th Vindovs, you need to do, which features settings.In principle, the purchase of any device you get a "driver" (CD-ROM to install the additional software for your printer).That is, buying a printer, you can easily connect it to your computer via USB - cable.After that, you install the necessary software from the CD - ROM, usually all happens automatically, important to see that these drivers to connect / synchronize the printer and computer.Also, using the Update to "Seven", you can find, identify and install new updates to your printer, sometimes it happens automatically, if you put a check mark in step automatic updates.That's basically all you need to properly configure any printer and, in addition, now you know how to install the printer on your computer.