Does the lover need ?

Love always fills human life with meaning, makes him happy, cheerful, capable of feats.And ideally, a romantic relationship ends marriage and a happy family life until the end of his days.But, as is often the case, there is little in an ideal of his life.And so the question arises whether the lover need?Should I start someone on the side?

Of course, such a high-risk activities such as adultery, has its positive and negative sides.Making a decision, try to accurately weigh the "pros" and "cons", so you do not feel sorry for what he did

Positive aspects

  • Falling in love.That falling in love - the most beautiful feeling which so pleases everyone.And the search for new sensations, the pursuit of youth and freshness of feeling - one of the main reasons why it would be desirable to have a lover.It happens anyway - you just fall in love, quite accidentally, and to go is nowhere.
  • Passion.What can compare with passionate nights the first two months of a relationship?When you recognize you are each ot
    her's bodies, when they want to be together all the time.That passion dating on the side, in contrast to the cold nights in a marriage can be a decisive factor in the decision.
  • Comfort.If for some reason the house you feel uncomfortable, you do not like her husband, children, the environment, and the lover offers you the comfort of your home or hotel room, the choice is obvious.Psychological comfort is as important as physical comfort.
  • Tranquility.Long marriage and life together with unloved man is so tedious that I want to climb the loop.Especially when you are not loved, and all that you hear every day - cursing and swearing.I want to get away from it all to go to hell, to find their safe haven, where you will understand and support.This is the outlet and can be your lover and romantic nest.On the other hand - whether to start a lover, to feel it?You can find yourself a hobby or go to a family psychologist.

negative side

  • constant fear.Anyway, over time you will develop a paranoia - when someone sees, learns convict.Peace of mind is the state does not work.
  • remorse.Marriage - a commitment to another person, and betrayal - a betrayal.Sooner or later, if your marriage is not as bad as it seemed at first, you will begin to feel a sense of guilt towards the legitimate spouse.
  • scandal.All the secret sooner or later becomes apparent, and when your campaigns "left" open, the scandal can not be avoided.
  • Divorce.Perhaps the husband will not be able to put up with your treason, and it comes to a divorce.
  • real threat to life.People are different, and especially by jealous individuals can reach up to battering.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.Another unpleasant surprise, which can award you a lover.
  • Fall moral character.Everything comes to an end sooner or later.And it may be that in the end you find yourself without a husband and lover.And also will fall in the eyes of the people around you and you will remain in perfect solitude.

Now that you know the pros and cons of whether to have a lover, but to decide the right just you.