How to check the washing machine ?

How to check the washing machine ?

modern washing machine - equipment is not cheap, so its purchase should be taken very, very responsible.Unfortunately, the washing machine is one of those home appliances, whose work is physically impossible to fully check when buying, because for such a test machine must be connected to the water supply and sewerage.Do this for obvious reasons in the shop is not possible.

What we can do in this case?Just choose the brand and model, pay the bill and wait for the car will take home, so there is already connected and check its work?Of course, you will also check the machine at home, but also in the store you can spend her pre-qualified in some respects.

How to check when buying a washing machine

  1. Select the appropriate size and properties of the model of the washing machine.By the way, about the intricacies of such a choice is told in detail in our article How to choose a washing machine.
  2. First carefully inspect instance popular among all sides and make sure that the walls and the housing cover
    is no scratches, dents and other damage.
  3. If the appearance of the washing machine everything is in order, ask the seller instructions in this machine and proceed to further verification, namely check for transport bolts.Their number and location specified in the operating instructions.In the event that the transport bolts are missing, it is better to abandon the purchase of this machine and not be carried out on any seller exhortation that these bolts, say, pre-rented the store for your own convenience.Transport bolts have to be laid on them places!
  4. Inspect the bolts with a very close range - there are no scratches on them by screwdriver and other traces of loosening?The presence of such traces leads to a sad thought that, maybe, this machine has already been in repair.In this case it is better not to risk it and buy another car.
  5. Inspect the feet of the washing machine and the corners of the body to which they are attached, and make sure they are not bent.Very often careless unloading loaders dropping heavy washing machine, and as a result of hitting the ground at her bent legs.
  6. Check the smooth running of the tray dispenser drawer.Pull out the tray, check the hatch opened and sniff - if there does not smell detergent.The presence of such odor indicates that the car someone has already returned to the store, and an unscrupulous dealer once put it on sale.
  7. Inspect all hoses and check for them cracks and other damage.
  8. Now we have to check the drum.The best remedy for this test - the usual tights.Crumpled stockings draw on all the inner walls of the drum - if there is a metal burrs, tights immediately to cling to them.

Once the washing machine will be chosen carefully assessed and paid, can only check the correctness of the warranty card, and you can go home and wait for its delivery.

How to check the washing machine on delivery

When the car will take you home, unpack it, once again carefully inspect and make sure that no external damage (porters in stores sometimes very messy!).The check completeness of delivery according to the instructions.After secondary screening set the machine for it to the selected location and connect to the water supply, sewerage and power.

connect the machine yourself (if you are confident that cope with this work) or call the service center.Once connected, perform the first test run their new cars.

How to check the machine when you first connect

  1. Explore the supplied instructions, and read the operating instructions for the washing machine.
  2. Make sure that the machine is plugged in and the tap water supply tap is open.
  3. conduct trial run "idle", without laying the drum stuff.
  4. The pour spout a bit of detergent, switch on the machine.In the menu on the control panel, select one of the short wash modes available on your machine, and then click "Start."
  5. If all goes as it should, the car would start to pump water, and then the drum starts to rotate.
  6. After the machine run for a wash program, the engine will stop in a moment the hatch door is unlocked, the car will signal the end of the operation and automatically disconnected from the network.
  7. If everything happened as described, then, the trial run was a success, and the machine is ready for operation.

about how to properly operate the washing machine in the future, explained in our article Washing Machine: how to use.