What to write in SMS ?

What to write in SMS ?

SMS, which translated to English means "short message", it has long been one of the most common means of communication.It would seem, sms - this is just a small message, but how difficult sometimes clear and understandable to express their thoughts and feelings, even with only a few words or sentences.Let's talk about what to write in SMS.

Rules for writing SMS

Probably, you understand, the culture and the development of human largely manifested through what he says, sms - is no exception.So:

  • If you send SMS for the first time a man, it is important to introduce themselves, because only one sentence is almost impossible to guess who its author.Generally, the SMS is sent only to those subscribers that you are already familiar with.
  • Remember that the rules of the Russian language has not been canceled for SMS.In order to avoid incidents and misunderstandings, it is important to correctly set the punctuation to monitor the correctness of chosen words.The goal of SMS is not only to inform, but
    also to make it so that people understand you.
  • If you cut a word, do it so that the other person would understand what you want to say.SMS should not be a secret cipher, over which the recipient will puzzle.All abbreviations should be clear.For example, some clean vowels of words that makes the text quite readable.So, thank you can be reduced to ATP and to please pzhl or pliz.In addition, there are known many cuts that come from the Internet, such as - bb, you - cha.If you choose to use SMS such reductions, it is necessary to be sure that you understand the other person.The same goes for emoticons.Use only well-known, such as J, L,;), etc.
  • Finally, if the SMS is sent in the case, it is important to take into account the time of sending.So, no need to send a message with a reminder or a wish for a good night already very morning.

What can I write in SMS depends on your imagination, and on whom it is intended.Perhaps you will agree that smska for a loved one will be significantly different from the message a colleague or general distribution.Let's look at exactly what to write in SMS, in a particular case.

What girl write in SMS

Many young people, for some reason prefer to SMS call.What to write such a girl, she liked to know not all.So, here are some tips.

Refer to the girl's name.Psychologists have shown that when people hear your name, the focus is greatly increased.And always nice when turning to us.You can use different forms of the name, the main thing, to choose those that are pleasing to the girl.If you are not familiar with the girl, you should not refer to it very gently.This is only discourage any interest.

Even if you want to show off his eloquence, it is not necessary to write a long message.SMS should be as short and clear.If you want to say a lot, it is better to write a few SMS with a certain interval, make the girl to wait and worry.

thoroughly think over the content.SMS should be interesting for the girls.No need to write trite phrases like: "Hi.How are you? "Or" Let's chat. "Suddenly, surprise her.By the way, nice to make a compliment or joke.

Remember that all important word must be said, looking into his eyes.So do not write "I love you", "I like you."

Be creative.Use all your imagination to write SMS, also do not need to use SMS samples from the Internet.Smska should reflect your personality, express your thoughts.Therefore, it is not necessary to use someone else's ideas, such as "you know what these people say behind your back?- Cool ass. "

What man write in SMS

SMS - is a great way to remind the guy about himself, about his feelings.Remember that not only women love with their ears, men are also very, very influenced by words.Therefore, apply all their charm in every SMS the sentence.

begin with treatment.It is advisable to choose the form of his name, which he likes.Use those words that you call it.Let it be for you a panda, cat, etc.Such treatment is only made him smile.Remember that for any man pleasing gentle and tender words.Therefore, even a SMS as a "kiss you", will be a pleasure to your beloved.What can I write?Best guy?Yes, anything!If only it was meaningful and pleasing to the recipient.

For many girls, is a difficult question, which loved to write SMS.Write about how you feel or want to say.By the way, sms format allows a bit of mischief.For example, the phrase "my breasts still remember your touch," definitely appreciate it.Designed to emphasize its advantages.Remind him how handsome he is or how he successfully picked up the tie today.Sms important when it contains a feedback.Therefore, after the evening emphasize all the things that you like.

So, now you know that you can write sms guy or girl.Remember, a few words that people read from a phone screen can change the mood great.Be sincere.