How to install a washing machine ?

How to install a washing machine ?

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How to install a washing machine?

purchasing home appliances, each of us must have at least a basic understanding of the rules of its connection.Otherwise expensive purchase may be useless.Many appliances, washing machine, including, it is easy to install on their own.The main front of this select the proper location for the installation.There are several important conditions, which necessarily should be considered, to identify with the installation point.Here are the main ones:

  1. Washing machine must be on a hard, level surface.
  2. It is advisable to choose a place, located away from direct sunlight.
  3. room must be heated in the winter.
  4. For safety next should not be additional sources of heat, which run on solid fuel or gas.
  5. desirable to hold a separate line and to highlight the needs of the use of this machine a separate outlet.
  6. Do not install the washing machine on a carpet, it is more difficult ventilation processes.

bathroom, kitchen or close

For many site selection problem is not so important.The described appliance exhibition, where most of all it is more convenient to use.And few people think about how to properly install a washing machine.


Washing machine connected to electricity and uses it actively during operation.The plug from the machine is switched into a power outlet, for you and inner filling it is protected plastic housing, but the moist air easily penetrates inside it, creating dangerous bidder for the operation of home appliances.Therefore, experts strongly recommend not to make installation of the washing machine in the bathroom.Note!Even if a compromise, to make expensive repairs and bring the cord out of the room described, the risk will remain, since the machine itself has a number of technical units, which are also "afraid" of water.Therefore, the unit life is significantly reduced.


It is advisable to choose a place for the installation described by household appliances is in the kitchen, and at the same time you must also take into account the specifics of operation.

As a washing machine washes?Pump draws water equipment sets the wash cycle, the water is heated in the drum with the powder, laundry actively moved in the water, all the dirt is dissolved.After that, the dirty water is pumped and discharged into the sewer, injected a new portion of liquid laundry caress, and then wrung out.One cycle consists of several steps.To run them you need electricity to function properly - cold water, drain - drainage.

All this is in the kitchen.But in a closed small space temperature and humidity problem persists.In addition, the hosts often have to choose: to prepare lunch or venturing washing.After the installation of household appliances are always questions on its operation.Here are a few useful tips.

  • Do not install the machine close to a gas stove and oven.You should always leave a gap between them in 10-25 cm.
  • You can not simultaneously use the devices mentioned above.You can include one thing.Otherwise, it may cause overheating of the machine, which will necessarily lead to serious damage.
  • drain hose length must not exceed four meters.The height of the drain with the selected strictly according to the instructions specified by the manufacturer.
  • undesirable to connect the drain to the siphon kitchen sink.In the washing machine drain hole should be his.


If between the kitchen and the bathroom has a small storage room or apartment can boast of having a closet - is the perfect place for a washing machine.Bring here the communication - it is simple enough to do prodolbit in the walls of the hole.Get permission from the housing farms is not necessary.Typically, the walls do not carry such small rooms.

Inside always dry and cool, go here households are very rare.Working, washing machine creates a strong vibration, they are under a small amount of space contribute to an intensive air circulation.Opening the door, it is easy to provide air ventilation in the room and create the best possible working conditions for the machine.


Connecting described technique is performed as follows:

  1. We organize a supply of cold water.
  2. A connection of the washing machine to drain to sewers through a special trap.
  3. are connecting the machine to the power supply.From the electrical stretches copper wire with a cross section of 2.5 mm.The board set a separate machine.It is connected in parallel to other existing machines.This prevents the possibility of overloading the power supply.Then necessarily carried grounding.
  4. After completion of all installation work is carried idle start the washing machine.While it is advisable to check how quickly place all the necessary operations (Water Bay, the degree of heating, extraction intensity discharge process).

on how to use the washing machine, see the article Washing Machine: how to use.