How to kiss a guy with a guy?

How to kiss a guy with a guy?

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How to kiss a guy with a guy?

kiss was and remains one of the most beautiful expressions of tenderness, affection and love.This gesture may indicate as a friendship and a romantic feel.If you're wondering how to kiss a guy with a guy, it should be noted immediately: kisses between the representatives of the stronger sex do not differ from the kisses of boys to girls.Only in some situations, you can find more restraint, or, on the contrary, impulse and passion.

Friendship kisses

Unlike girls, guys are not inclined to kiss with his friends at every meeting.This gesture for them is, to put it mildly, an infringement of manhood.However, today, in many countries there is a tradition of men kissing when meeting friends.Moreover, such a demonstration of friendly feelings is considered quite normal and is not suggestive of a more intimate relationship kissing.

So, when they met a guy the other guy can kiss on the cheek, gently hugged him and patted on the shoulder.Sometim

es this is accompanied by a handshake and what is considered a true male way of greeting.In addition, when friendships guys can kiss each other on a particular subject (the New Year, a birthday, an important event in the life of one of them, and so on. D.).

In such situations, the men again, kiss each other on the cheek, but as a rule, putting in a kiss all his emotions on a particular occasion.As for cases where there is some degree of intoxication, the guys can even sit in an embrace, explaining to each other in love and have faith in eternal fidelity friendly ideals.It may also be accompanied by savory kisses "from the heart", who in these moments are a true testament to the friendly affection.

Romantic kisses

If you are interested to know how to kiss a guy with a guy, which is associated feelings of love, there is virtually no difference from kissing lovers of opposite sexes.Typically, the first time the relationship starts with a gentle romantic kisses, slower, gradually turning into the most sensual.In this case, the main role is played by kissing her lips, with which partners to express their emotions and feelings.

The second stage is usually characterized by the use of technology kissing with tongue.It usually requires a closer relationship and the maximum expression of the passion and desire of kissing partners.Such kissing in most cases end with sexual contact, so often serve as a prelude to sex.Kissing with tongue in men accompanied by touches to the face, hair, neck, back and other parts of the body to each other.

Thus kissing guys at the same time arouse desire in a partner by additional caresses.Under these kisses, they are usually strongly pressed against each other bodies, as if wishing to quickly move to a more "decisive action."

should be added that as the technology kissing guys and girls are individual and depend on the personal preferences of the couple.Therefore, some may prefer the slow gentle kisses, others - impulsive and passionate, while others like to combine both.