What is the gas panel is better?

What is the gas panel is better?

Gas panels have long been popular in many kitchens.Many people prefer a conventional gas cooking plate or electric.It is distinguished not only easy to use but also a faster operating cycle.With its help, you can warm up any pan or pot as quickly as possible, and meals cooked on the fire always distinguished by their unsurpassed taste.But how to make the right choice?In this article we look at what the gas panel better.

best gas panel

Now let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of various gas panels.

Enameled Stove

  • they differ on one side a beautiful view, on the other - a small price;
  • and do not necessarily choose white enamelled plate.There are other colors to choose which can be for all tastes;
  • pretty tough coating does not require special care;
  • however, this plate has a negative, namely the aesthetic.If it gets wet, it can remain divorces.Also, it is quite difficult to clean from oil and other liquids.

steel plate

  • has great strength, does not require special care, but its
    purification from fluids is not very convenient;
  • often remain on the surface stains and spots;
  • as steel stove enamel will be more expensive.

plate of tempered glass

  • gas cooker tempered glass is different thermal resistance, and she is not afraid of aggressive substances;
  • requires special care.It is impossible to dirt for a long time remained on the surface of the tempered glass, or when cleaning it may be left scratching;
  • moreover, tempered glass is a relatively fragile material.At the same time it can not buy one - it is quite expensive.

Selecting the gas panel

What gas panel is better to buy?First of all, you need to consider the number of people in the family.

If a family of more than three people, it is recommended to choose a standard plate with four burners.And it is necessary to pay attention to such models, which have a burner with double crown.With this burner you can prepare dishes twice as fast.Desirably, the gas panel was comprised of gas and electric ignition control system.

If you want to choose a gas panel, which would be easy to clean, take the variant with individual removable grilles.

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