How to crimp the RJ-11 cable?

How to crimp the RJ-11 cable?

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How to crimp the RJ-11 cable?

cable wire in the same condition in which it is sold in the store is not suitable for connecting communication networks.From this article you will learn how to crimp the cable in the home, without the help of electricians.

pinout twisted pair

To perform this procedure, special instruments are used:

  • cleaning,
  • tool for crimping connectors,
  • tester twisted pair after pinouts.

do whatever is necessary for instructions to due to poor crimping one pair not to spoil the work of the entire compound.


  1. Take the cable, measure 1.5 cm and strip it away from the insulation.It is important not to exceed the sweep parameters 12.5 mm;this can be used with special knife stop.
  2. received Straighten the wires and arrange them in the order that corresponds to your type of connection.
  3. Carefully insert each wire into a specific slot connector - this device is a special connector for connecting multiple cables.

Now comes the most dif

ficult stage, to which we must take the implementation carefully.

As crimp twisted pair

process itself is as follows: put the connector with wires in the crimping pliers and push hard.The connector wires are fixed flat bar.In the process of pressing the wires are cut off as necessary, and there is the creation of the desired contact.The resulting connector can be directly inserted into the socket outlet and use the cable for telephone calls or accessing the Internet.For this operation, use the connectors with connectors RJ-11, RJ-14 and RJ-25.

How to compress the cable without special tools

Assume that an urgent need to compress the cable, for example, to provide an Internet connection, and no tools needed.Typically, twisted pair cut with special pliers.Perhaps this process will have to spend several times.Before crimping also necessary to remove the insulation of the wires and distribute in accordance with your desired connection.

What is RJ-11?

This type of socket belongs to the so-called "European standards."It is universal and widely used for telephone, television and Internet connection.Mounting sockets can also make your own.To do this, first make sure the safety and wear protective gloves.Despite the fact that the normal stress on the network - 60 volts, are current surges up to 120 V.

Installation earthing-pin with his own hands.Instructions

  1. Open socket housing.
  2. determine the polarity (red color indicates a "minus", and green - the "plus").
  3. bury conductor cable between the metal plugs in sockets (this can be done with a knife stationery).
  4. Secure the wall socket, and snap it to the top cover all the way.
  5. Turn the cable into a power outlet and check connections.

can set the outer frame to the wall outlet, choosing a model that is suitable for the interior of your room.