French kiss , passionately language - what to do ?

French kiss , passionately language - what to do ?

There are many facts about kissing.One of them says that 50% of people 14 years have tried to kiss passionately.But you imagine that the remaining 50% still dream about the first kiss with tongue.And many of them need tips on how to kiss with tongue.This article will tell all about kissing with tongue.

Why kissing with tongue

People kiss to express their emotions as a sign of love.When we are much like the people of the opposite sex, we want to be closer to him, to touch her lips to his.But why you need a language in kissing?The French would say kiss the use of language - it's more close, intimate kiss, at which souls are joined in love.Also, a kiss with the tongue allows to diversify the usual kisses.With the movements of the tongue, you can dream, you can play with the language of his lips.If kissing with tongue with a guy, you can not seriously provoke and make.Kissing language are very exciting.They provoke sexual fantasies.It is said that the French kiss passionately may hint at human pre

ferences in sex.

Although many people, so many opinions.Some people prefer to kiss without language.Be attentive to your partner.If you want to kiss the language, check if your partner is ready for it, whether he likes these kisses.Caution know it can be a little tongue caressed his lips, trying to touch the tip of his tongue.See what answers you loved one, whether he pulled you to the meeting.

What tongue when kissing

French kiss passionately is not as complicated as it may seem.

Species kissing with tongue incredible array!Loving yourself is often given the name of his kisses.For example, licking kiss - gently licking the lips of a loved one.Or edible kiss - it is necessary to smear each other's lips with something tasty, and then the tongue to lick it with them.Start a kiss with the tongue still need to lip kiss.If you once loved passionately nakinet on without passing the so-called foreplay, it will not always appear adequate.First, evaluate the situation.If this is the moment, filled with romance, you should start with a simple kiss.Next, try to lick his lips partner, you will feel and understand his reaction, whether it is possible to act more actively.If yes, then slowly advance the language in the partner's mouth and look for the tip of his tongue.Walk on it with his tongue, it will look like on their first introduction or greeting.Only then can promote the language a bit deeper and gently hold them at the partner language.Now use not only the tip of the tongue, and a wider part of it.Fumbling with his tongue at the mouth of the partner - is not the best option.Deep penetration can also cause irritation and physical hostility.You will succeed if you play with each other's language, and opening closing his lips.Language during the kiss should not be hard and stressful.Relax it soft tongue excites the imagination.

How to kiss with pierced tongue

Nowadays, it is not surprising to see young people with pierced tongue.Will they interfere with the piercing in a kiss with tongue passionately?Thus, the term healing tongue piercing varies from a week to two weeks.A rule of thumb is that French kissing (ie, kissing with tongue) should be discontinued until complete healing of the wound, so as not to bring back the infection.With regard to the feelings, views are very different.A lot of people say that there is no difference in kisses - with or without piercing.Other share incredible cool new sensations of kissing with tongue pierced.This feeling may be due to the fact that you diversify your game in kisses, and it's great!And some very unpleasant kissing someone who has pierced tongue.I think this is due to personal attitude to the tongue piercing, and they hate to even look at this spectacle.We conclude that if you meet with someone and want to experiment with piercing, ask the opinion of your partner, and then take the final decision.