Why do women change ?

Why do women change ?

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Why do women change?

cheating all suffer painful, but no betrayal does not bring such pain, how to cheat the man.Knowing why women change men, can become a very useful and will help prevent treason favorite.

Why do women change

Women and men have different views on many things, including the fact of treason.For men, cheating is a physical connection, for women it is an emotional connection.Therefore, a woman is easier to apply to sex with another partner, sometimes even not believing what she had done something bad, guilty she will consider himself more if she fell in love with another man.A misunderstanding between the partners may be the reason why women change their husbands and loved ones.It is important to be in a couple of rules that everyone knows what they considered a betrayal.Knowing that her actions could severely harm relations, a woman who really appreciates your partner may not risk and change it.

reasons why women change, there may be internal: lack

of confidence, low self-esteem and fear of aging.Particularly susceptible to these factors, women 30 years and older.The woman is very important to note that it is important to be seen as beautiful and attractive, and we do not have the right to judge her, as in all fairy tales that we have heard in his childhood all the princesses were especially fine, and then and kind and caring and wise.Talk to the woman how beautiful she is, what do you like about her appearance and personality.A good option would be to take pictures of your woman, if you do not know how to do, you can order a photo session with a professional photographer to see his photos, beautiful and quality made, any woman feel beautiful and desirable, but if you put her picture in a prominent place so that it can see yourguests, it will underline their importance and your opinion of her beauty.

Why do women change their husbands

To understand why women change their husbands, it is important to know about the "law of psychological betrayal."According to this law partner's attention over time is addictive, we know that our half loves us, often we hear about it, and gradually cease to react to it as nothing new and unexpected, we did not hear.Note also any person from the far more unexpected and this is perceived much more emotional.It's like a birthday present: a present you can ask for something specific, then we will be pleased, but no surprise, but the surprise may cause a storm of emotions, even if there will not quite what you need.Make it so that your attention was for women a new and unexpected.This does not mean that we should criticize it, get in it something for which you praise it rarely, make unexpected gifts and be spontaneous.

If you have long ceased to go on a date and live together for many years, the return of romance in a relationship very helpful and will bring positive emotions for both of you.