How to update the Tricolor ?

How to update the Tricolor ?

Any software that is constantly being improved, in order to expand or improve the function parameters of the equipment.The subscribers of Russia's largest satellite TV operator, providing "Tricolor TV" digital broadcasting services can regularly update the software GS-8300 models with the help of satellite receivers.About the time of the renovation work you need to know in advance, referring to information on the company's website.There you will find detailed instructions on how to update the "Tricolor TV".

first step is to check the current version of the software module and the receiver.It must be the receiver - 01/01/97, the module - 0.8.27.If you missed the previous update and you have older versions of the programs, it is necessary to contact the nearest service center or an authorized dealer, who will tell you about how to update the TV "Tricolor TV".You can try self-install the new software by downloading a new version on the link

After installing the software version of the receiver chan

ge to 1.1.170 and module - to 0.8.32.Do not forget that while you can not boot off the receiver.

Update with

satellite If you pay close attention to the timely downloading new software, you can easily pass the update procedure from the satellite.Let's look at how to upgrade receiver "Tricolor TV" in stages:

  • Turn off and turn on the receiver from the network.
  • Switch Information "Tricolor TV" on the channel.
  • In the resulting window will be prompted to install the update, select "Yes".
  • The screen will be displayed service messages on the status of the software update.The process itself will take 5-10 minutes.
  • After the download is complete, the receiver will turn on and turn off on their own.
  • If after loading the receiver does not respond to commands sent from the remote control, press the button on it «STANDBY».And to confirm the software update for the module.
  • The screen will indicate the status of the process Software Updater, which will last five minutes.
  • After the upgrade is complete, check the status of the receiver that the installed software version 1.1.170 was replaced, and the unit - on 0.8.32.

The new version improved interface service "Cinemas" and lock system and improved the "Status" menu and change the settings of the receiver, which provide the stability and reliability of its work.

As you can see the software update "Tricolor TV" is quick and easy with the satellite.Also, see "How To Videos" learning channel "Teleinstruktor" you will find a video about how to update the software, and Internet users can read it on the site Tricolor).