What a gas stove is better?

What a gas stove is better?

most usual equipment for any kitchen is a gas stove.Although, to date, the class of electric stoves is growing rapidly, gas stove does not intend to give up their positions.One of its advantages is the economy.Progress does not stand still, and every day, specialists are working on safety when using a gas stove.

Benefits of gas cooker

What a gas stove is better, and what, in general, its distinctive dignity?Modern electric and gas stoves offer a very wide range, which allows the user to choose the most suitable option for him.

Gas stoves have clear advantages over electric:

  • cooking on a gas stove takes much less time than on the electric burners.
  • stove can instantly boil or fry the product you need.A heating electric stove takes a certain amount of time.
  • Accordingly, the gas stove cools much faster than electrical, thereby preventing sticking of food.

home appliances Features

gas stove shops do not spare money on advertising in order to show the buyer what good gas stoves you can buy i

t from them.However, when selecting this type of kitchen equipment, we need to rely primarily on its characteristics.It should be noted that gas hobs - single complex, which consists of the oven and the cooking hob.The most important part is the gas stove burner.Burner (Hob) called a special device, which mixes air and gas.Modern stoves offer the consumer two to six burners to choose from.

The oven can have its own electric heater or burner.Cooking gas stoves surface differ not only in the number of existing burners, but also power, which generates each burner.The most common type is a stove with four burners, one of which is high-power, and the other - low.

Until recently, manufacturers were able to offer a model plate that had only single-circuit burner.Today, you can easily choose the model, which has a hotplate with two and even three circuits.This technological innovation can significantly speed up the cooking process.

modern gas stove has electric ignition system, which can be either automatically or manually.In the manual - for ignition need to press the corresponding button.Auto - lights up while turning the knob switch burners.

Another useful system, which is equipped with many boards, is the system of "gas-control."It helps to immediately shut off the gas to the burner, which accidentally extinguished the fire.Depending on the model, the system of "gas-control" can stop the flow or only on burner hob, or even on the oven burner.If you are serious approach to security by choosing what is best to buy a gas stove, pay attention to what kind of "gas-control" is set to the desired model.

Cooktop Cooktop

fits well into the interior of the kitchen, and can be easily integrated into the furniture.To date, such a surface is made of two materials: stainless steel and enamel.Plates with enamelling are much cheaper and can be a variety of colors.The advantage of stainless steel coating is its high chemical resistance.It is not subject to corrosion and easy to clean.The panels, which are made of tempered glass are popular due to its durability, easy to care for them.


Plates are divided by size into two categories: small-sized plates and standard sizes.Most of them have a standard height of 85 cm. This size is unified with the kitchen equipment.Gas cooker width ranges from 50 to 90 cm. The mini-kitchen stove is suitable width in the range of 50 cm. Of course, a wide plate in order more convenient.Therefore, if your kitchen is large wide plate is the perfect complement to its interior... The depth of the plates, typically from 50 to 60 cm The most common plates with a depth of 60 cm Making the necessary measurements, you can see which stove best fit your kitchen


The oven can present two types of heating elements:electric and gas.Today, the great demand for the model in which the gas hob and oven - electric.Oven provides a much more uniform heating than gas.Yes, and adjust the temperature in this oven is an order of magnitude easier.

heating in the oven may be at the bottom and top, and the top and bottom simultaneously.Heating are: ventilation, infrared grill or combine all kinds together.Cleaning the oven - a very laborious task.The expensive models inside the oven is covered with a special enamel, by which fats are decomposed themselves.Simpler models do not have a self-cleaning function.

selection criteria plates

Which is better to buy a gas stove?To choose the right present for kitchen equipment, you need to consider the following points:

  • plate color (it should match the design of your kitchen),
  • plate connection,
  • dimensions,
  • control (electric ignition system "gas-control"),
  • type of cooking surface, as well as take into account, what do we need an oven.

It should be noted that the connection and installation of gas stoves should deal exclusively with highly qualified specialist, who has an appropriate tolerance for these kinds of works.Self-plate must not be connected!

So now you know the advantages of a gas stove, its characteristics, what to focus when it is selected.Only you can decide what is best cooker into the interior of your kitchen and what properties should have given the kitchen equipment.