Why have mistresses ?

Why have mistresses ?

Family life is not always as strong as it would like.After some time living together may feel bored, lose the desire to try to maintain a decent relationship, and the couple begin to seek a solution to the problem on the side.Much easier to have a mistress or lover, you tackle the backlog of family problems.As the global statistics, it is men who are resolved on the first betrayal.

why offer to find out why men have mistresses.

reasons for infidelity

lack of novelty in the relationship

This is due to the constant and monotonous lifestyle.It is because of the emotional and physical side of marriage.At heart, the man begins to want novelty, holiday, unpredictable and even extreme.But as a result the house he receives only a standard set of tasks and responsibilities, which eventually becomes a burden and a heavy yoke, not bringing proper joy and satisfaction.Here is a man, and begins to look for relationships on the side to excite their senses.

falling in love with another woman

Unfortunately, none of us are immune to the feelings that may invade at any time and cut the ground from under their feet.As the saying goes, Lawless Heart, especially when it chooses a new elected representative or in our case the chosen one.Such situations arise, usually in families where long forgotten about what love is.If at home couples relations are in a state of decline or crisis, the man soon finds himself another outlet.Even if you often quarrel with her husband, just to smooth the conflict, try and go for a truce.Such family scenes can bring to the relationship sharpness only when all ends well.But in the absence of conflict resolution feeling of love will soon fade away, and the husband and wife will have nothing to connect other than family assets and joint life.

Search support

by men is hard with a woman, which he does not receive psychological support.Even if the wife is smart, stunning beauty and a great hostess, all this is not enough if there is no trust and communication between partners.In such situations, men and begin to look for support on the side.As a rule, not a lover "sawing" of their partners, and inspire them, chanting and multiplying their strengths.Here is a man and goes to the woman with whom he feels a king and a god, not a stupid loser.

Sometimes men have mistresses in order to assert itself.If the wife is too beautiful, well-groomed, self-sufficient and independent, the man next to her may feel insecure and closed.This feeling prevents to relax and enjoy the marriage.

Personal gain

Most men are careerists and are willing to make many sacrifices in order to achieve greater career heights.Therefore, if it is necessary to establish a closer relationship with their boss or business partner's, the man may well transcend their conscience and use all their charms and masculine charm to achieve their own goals.


asking yourself the question, why a man lover, do not forget about a particular image.So it has taken in serious circles, that every successful man should be a lover.The most important criterion for her - beauty.That it emphasizes the status of the man and his good taste.

Opinion wife in these situations plays an important role, but the opinions of others is priceless.As a rule, such strong feelings among the people there, they just play their beneficial role.

Who is to blame?

So we figured, why have mistresses, and that pushes men to this disgusting act.If you're unlucky and you are faced with the betrayal of her husband, it is worth to know, who is still to blame.

In the current situation can be viewed from different angles and guilty, without a doubt, is all.Only the degree of guilt obtained different.

Wine lover

Her fault lies in the fact that this woman stepped over his conscience and morality, allowing to get into someone else's family and for the sake of breaking it Sway whim of pleasure.

wife Wines

Without a doubt, in the infidelity of her husband and the wife's fault.After marriage and the birth of children a woman is often no longer take care of their appearance, with his head dipped into the problems of everyday life and completely forget about the special whims and erotic fantasies of her husband.But every man wants to feel loved and welcome home.

So we get an answer to the question "Why a man's mistress?"- Easy to carry with it all the things he can do with his wife.

husband Wines

Betrayal of her husband - this is the real betrayal.If you went to the left once, then will the second.There is nothing that could justify such behavior, so you should seriously think about it, and whether you want to live with this man continue ..

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