How to connect your computer ?

How to connect your computer ?

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How to connect your computer?

Why do I need to collect to the computer, if you can buy in the store ready-made?Firstly, the gathering of computer parts, you get the car exactly this configuration (composition, brands, productivity) that you need.Secondly, buying parts and assemble them from a computer yourself, you'll save about 10 000 rubles (compared to if you buy a model of the same components, but in the final assembly).

How to build your own computer?

Purchase accessories

In order to build a computer at home, we need:

  • monitor;
  • housing of the system unit;
  • power supply;
  • motherboard;
  • processor;
  • card;
  • memory card;
  • cooling cooler;
  • hard drive;
  • DVD-drive;
  • SATA-cable;
  • peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers, a webcam).

'll note that this article is not advice, what kind of parts is better to buy.Firstly, it depends entirely on your goals.Second, in the market there are always new component modifications to the computer, and any rec

ommendations on this issue have already become obsolete in a few months.

If you've got all you need for work, you can start connecting the parts to each other.


  1. Connection Remove from the housing side wall.Place the power supply into the grooves in the upper left corner of the far wall of the housing.Screw the unit to the rear of the cogs.
  2. Remove the rear wall of the housing for native plug motherboard.It is unlikely that it will come to that board that you have bought.But included with the card always goes cap, fitting it on the configuration.Insert it into the grooves of the rear wall.
  3. Install and secure the motherboard to the far wall of the housing.Between the board and the housing must be a gap.For the formation of a gap in the wall of the housing pre-screwed special sleeve (supplied with the housing).
  4. Open the processor socket cover.Find your processor cut corner, align it with the same nest area.Insert the processor into the socket and close the cover.
  5. Attach the motherboard cooling cooler.The wires from the cooler, insert into the slot on the motherboard.
  6. Set in a special compartment of the hard drive.It is located on the right side of the housing.Attach the hard drive to the case with screws.
  7. Another special compartment, set the drive to a DVD.Before this, remove the cap from the front wall of the housing, closing access to the compartment.
  8. Set the special connectors on the motherboard one or two memory cards.Pre understand, how to bend back into place and locks.
  9. Now the most confusing moment - cable connection.Find a bundle of wires coming from the power supply, the ones that go to the processor and motherboard.If you are confused, use the instructions to the motherboard.Then connect the wires from the power supply to the drive and the hard drive.
  10. Connect the drive and the hard drive to the motherboard using a SATA-cables.
  11. Now connect to the main board of the cables from the front panel of the computer.This cable from the button "Start" and "Restart", indicating power, USB-port and headphone jack.All wires are signed and are inserted into the appropriate connectors.If you are confused, please refer to the instruction manual.
  12. Insert the card into the PCI-Express slot on the main board.Close the cover.

connect to the system unit external devices

Plug in the video connector on the back panel of the monitor cable and secure it with screws.

Now connect to a computer mouse, keyboard (you can read the article How to connect the keyboard to the computer), column (How to connect the speakers to the computer), webcam (How to connect a Web camera)

Now you know how to connect your computer.If you did everything correctly, your computer is ready for use.