Why change ?

Why change ?

Treason - it is often not just a sexual need loving person, but also an expression of dissatisfaction, and partner relationship with him. The reasons for treason and will be discussed in this article.

6 Reasons treason


both men and women want to feel attractive, sexy, that is interesting to the opposite sex.And if the pair at some point, one partner begins to feel not so outstanding lover, then after some time, it may want to prove to myself that this is not so.

As a result, the man tries to prove to himself that he is capable of bright amorous adventures, he needs other men / women that still did not finished in his lifetime.And the best way to do this - have an affair on the side.Moreover, such a light tint is sinful even to flatter them, because it will feel like a real seducer / femme fatale, which (th) do not write the rules.

thirst for novelty

Everyday routine, endless work days, family relationships are predictable at some point to give a person the feeling that his

best years are behind us and now it is doomed to a faceless existence, leading directly to the old age.And then the man aspires to dispel the greyness measured life, has an affair on the side.And very elderly people choose their lovers in less mature partners - just to look younger next to them.

in young people is more or less long-term love relationship can cause fear that many other joys of life in the face, including other partners, new romantic and sexual feelings and they are not known.They feel stupid inexperienced youths, overlooked millions of wonderful opportunities to have fun.

Failure to monogamy

We can not say that the reason why the change of men and women of all ages, and is a banal unwillingness to fidelity.Some people are much more important to get regular bright love, sexual emotion than to work on improving relations with a steady partner.Last for them would be too boring, bland, and, besides, still and time-consuming process.While new lover (-tsa) - it's always a flurry of excitement, does not require absolutely no responsibility, seriousness.

I would also like to note that the remake of people or convince the more force is not impossible to change.

Dissatisfaction sex / relationships

quite common cases where the push for treason, and not too successful relationship in a pair in the family.If a person feels uncomfortable if he is bad with a partner, if he is not satisfied, then at some point, if it has a certain percentage of decisiveness, he tries to find solace in the arms of another man.And if he or she would like it, the old relationship or stop or will proceed now to the new scenario.

Moreover, they may even become much calmer, because now people are not trying to prove something to the partner, to achieve something from it.He will continue to live with a man, to satisfy their needs in the right feelings and emotions to it on the side.


If one partner has caused pain to another, that person may well express desire to take revenge on the offender.Depending on the fact that for the offending partner is important and valuable, the offended party relationships can choose one or the other form of retaliation, including treason.After all, for many people, such an act is regarded as an extreme degree of betrayal, and therefore, cause a very painful mental anguish.


happens so that is quite a respectable family man who truly loves his wife, enters into an intimate relationship with another woman.At the same time such an act shall be clearly expressed nature of chance, rush, splash of emotions.For many men and women (which really must admit), is quite happy with its partners, occasionally dream of a passionate love affair with another man.This is quite normal and natural.

At the confluence of the relevant circumstances a person can simply not resist the temptation and go for treason.After that, he may sincerely repent of their deeds, cursing his own weakness of character.And in this case we mean a single fact of treason - the second and all subsequent times will be a conscious choice, but it is quite another ...

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