How to connect a TV ?

How to connect a TV ?

To date, most likely, no one person can not live without TV.This is an important attribute, which is in every house.

Buying a new TV is always accompanied by its home delivery and, of course, connected to the network.But a challenge to master at home - it's paid services.And if the service may require, the connection can be done at home by yourself, follow the detailed instructions.Let's see how to connect your TV.

Connecting the TV to the receiver Tricolor

For installation Tricolor TV, do the following:

  1. choose the place to install the antenna and collect it by following the steps, which is attached to it;
  2. further adjust the antenna (angle and tilt) and connect to the TV all the required cables (color-coded cables will help you understand when you connect);
  3. in the settings of your TV, select the satellite from which the signal will be taken.
  4. customizable telepokaz:
    • adjustable antenna according to the television display.We look to the quality was the best.Note that the signal level may d
      epend not only on the correct antenna setup, but also on the weather conditions.If clouds or rain outside, then, of course, the show will be broadcast live worse.
    • fasten the adjusting nut on the antenna.

Connecting your TV to a computer

Connect the TV to your PC or laptop in two ways:

  • via VGA;
  • via HDMI.

Connection via VGA

This type of connector is also known as D-Sub.This option connection, in which the sound is transmitted.Also, there are restrictions on the resolution, which is able to display such a connection - no more than 1600x1200.So, follow the instructions:

  1. Check availability of VGA connectors on both devices and connect them to cable.It is better that you connect the computer was turned off.
  2. press on the remote control of the TV, or Input Source button and select the type of VGA connection.
  3. now configure a computer at the reception.To do this, click "Start" launch control settings, choose the option "Expansion of the screen."
  4. pevrichnom When you connect the TV screen will be displayed all the same, what we see on the computer screen.In the settings of your computer screen vyberaem from the drop down list of "multiple monitors."Below in the option "Multiple Displays" select "Extend these displays."Then we will have two independent screen.Also, you can select another resolution.Read more in the article How to connect a TV via VGA.

Connection via HDMI

With this type of connection will be transmitted not only video and images, but also sound, and it would require only one cable.Also, modern variations can transmit and 3D, but you will need the appropriate compatibility.

Similarly VGA connection on the operations performed:

  1. Check the availability of the necessary connectors, connect the cable;
  2. Selecting Settings on the TV to HDMI;
  3. connection to the computer is the same as when connected via VGA.

If directly connected, the picture quality will be better.You do not need a DVI to VGA and HDMI cables and more.

Further information can be obtained from the article How to connect to a TV via HDMI.