What if I do not know how to kiss?

What if I do not know how to kiss?

Close and healthy relationship starts with good dating.And not the first kiss is a dating singles.But the purpose of this article is quite understandable.We need to try to answer the question of what to do if a person does not know how to kiss.Let's think, you see, and come to anything.

first kiss - what is it?

What if I do not know how to kiss?The first thing that comes to mind - "If you do not know how, learn."This is the golden rule works, in any case, from the calculation equations, ending the ability to control and land the plane.You do not know, learn.What does "learn"?Learning - means to do what you want to learn.According to this concept, you need to kiss, to learn how to kiss.But there is a small snag.How to overcome yourself?How to find someone who is able to help you with this?Here are our thoughts.

Kiss - this is a process that can not be done alone.Therefore, proper and good kiss should be a partner.It is best if this person will like you not only because of its appearance, but al

so for other reasons.Kiss - this is a very intimate and personal moment, so do not give your first kiss to the person who is for you a special value.Where do you find these people?Usually, such people appear in our life quite by accident.Expect their appearance can be anywhere.How do you know that this is exactly the kind of person?The answer to this question does not exist.Everyone understands this very differently.Listen to yourself and to your feelings, and you can not go wrong, and understand what to do if you do not know how to kiss.If you try to analyze your feelings, you still did not understand.

When the kiss is to think about how to kiss your partner.After the success of this event depends not only on you but also on him.In this situation, you can manage this little factor.To make sure your partner has been successful, you also need to do everything correctly, otherwise it will not work.Kiss - a joint action.So

.Then came the decisive moment.After some actions you were from each other at a distance of a thin leaf.The logical question.What to do next, how to kiss?But then again, no answer.The fact is that everyone kisses in different ways, and some general rules exist.One and the most important rule - it is relaxing and feeling.Trust your body and senses, and everything goes like clockwork.Do not forget that kiss - it is not an obligation and not a lesson to be learned.Enjoy a kiss.

If we touch on the purely technical aspects of execution, in order to understand what to do if you do not know how to kiss, then try this.Do not kiss all the human mouth at once.Switch from one mouth to another, or stop at one.Pat the lips of your partner and feel their warmth and softness.Allow yourself to forget for a moment, and it is better for a few moments.

If the person with whom you first kissed, really like you, try to keep your relationship a long time.It is possible that, if you appreciate and respect the man, that first kiss will grow into something new.If you feel it, then you can assume that you are a bit grown up.If you manage to save this relationship for a long time, you will never regret this first experience.

Do not forget that for the first kiss you have to be in a good mood and pleasant look.In principle, it is important in any situation.Be beautiful, love yourself and others!