How to flirt with boys ?

English word "flirt" translated literally as foreplay, flirting, courtship.In the modern interpretation - an exchange of signs of attention, mostly of a sexual nature.Partners teased and gently give birth to each other gestures beauty, ambiguity and understatement phrases.Flirting is always present at the birth of a love relationship between a man and a woman.After all, the expression of interest to the partner, is the spark from which gradually fanned the flames of passion.With the help of flirting can be to win over almost anyone.There are two types of art of flirting:

  • female flirting - it coquetry;
  • male - seduction.

Features male flirting

  • Male flirting is different from the female, since the objectives pursued by a man trying to grab the attention of a girl he liked, basically contradict female.Man flirting in the case where:
  • seeks to seize the girl who caught his attention, wants to make her his inapplicable;
  • he is bored and he just wants to have fun, in which case it just play and
    forget about it;
  • wants to cheer up the girl in this situation a man can not feel for the fair sex romantic feelings.

In order not to fall into the trap of Casanova every girl should know how to flirt with guys what they use techniques and most importantly, why they do.

  • He corrects hairstyle, winking, smiling slyly.A woman who behaves in this way - a flirt, but the man just wants to please.Not the fact that is a manifestation of sincere sympathy.
  • friendly hugs and the occasional touch of light - is also signs of flirting.After the reaction of women to such an invasion of personal space, makes it possible to assess the chances of a man on a sequel.
  • His eyes lit sexy light, and even if you try to look away, he still does not lose sight of you.
  • voice becomes soft, slightly muffled and very gentle
  • compliments and nice words flow like water.Flirting Language is so sweet, it's hard to resist the temptation.It is fortunate sincere compliments, the best way to lull the vigilance of the female.
  • Flirt aims to locate and gain the trust of the object of his desires, and to achieve the purpose can be used lies and hypocrisy.
  • Attraction other.Women are more likely to trust a third party, considering his view unbiased, and men often use it.

Flirt - is an interesting game and very complex art, but sometimes the desire to achieve reciprocity is intertwined with the material calculation and cunning.So try to prevent such encroachments immediately by the men, not to be deceived by the victim.Pay attention not only to the soft words and glowing eyes, but also to his actions.Remember, if a man is serious, he will demonstrate their talents, sensitivity, intelligence, and education.He spends a lot of effort and energy trying to prove a woman - only with him she would be happy.To care for her and genuinely interested in its problems and joys.You met this?Then remember that the female flirtation largely insidious and dangerous male and act!